Roseate Spoonbills in Green Cay and Intentionality – Picture to Ponder – v6 – issue 27

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 7, 2010

Last week I mentioned having spent time looking for Roseate Spoonbill photos for you and then went with a different subject. The result of my delaying is that I’ve every time I’ve gone for a sunset walk at Green Cay Wetlands this week I had the pleasure of enjoying the Spoonbills even more. I now have new photos for you.

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On to Today’s Photos

Roseate Spoonbills in a tree in Green Cay Wetlands

Roseate spoonbill shoveling

The top photo is of two Roseate Spoonbills, at dusk, on a tree skeleton in Green Cay Wetlands. I’ve included the photo below it to show the brilliance of the pink plumage and also give a sense of the rapid movement in the blur of its head.

Because the Spoonbills do not stay still, I decided to also share them with you in video format.

If you pay close attention to the above video, at approximately 15 seconds you’ll see a feather fly off to the left. Toward the end a Black-necked Stilt walks across the Spoonbill’s reflection.

Near the beginning of the above video you will see a couple of Spoonbills spread their wings showing their brilliant pink color. To see Spoonbills parading, click on Spoonbill Parade to bring you to my YouTube page. Sorting by “date added”, on the right, will show you the four most recent Spoonbill videos I did.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I’m somewhat at a loss for “queries” as I start to write this section, so I’m thinking, “What lessons are we getting from the Spoonbills?” As I look up at the first photo, I see peace and quiet. Then I reflect on the almost, always-in motion, constantly sweeping bill, behavior of the Spoonbills.

I, thus, invite you to look in your life. Are there places where you are in constant motion? Is there a part of you that’s still while other parts of you are rapidly “moving”? What does it look like when you rest? How does it feel?

Then, thinking about the Spoonbills and how they went suddenly from a random group to an intentional line-up, moving in parade style, to an adjacent location, I’m moved to ask the following. Is there any place in your life now where you can line up parts of yourself, and perhaps, others to move with the same focused, single-minded determination that the Spoonbills had? Note, they did come right back, presumably with “mission accomplished.”

As always have fun with these queries and looking/seeing. Also, please post your responses in the COMMENTS section below.

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