August 2010

There’s a lot going on in my life right now, as I’m sure there is in yours. Thus I’m simplifying today’s issue with very few words.

A few years prior to my even starting Picture to Ponder, a mentor who saw my emerging photography said, “Sheila, something is telling me to tell you, ‘Don’t talk.'” I understood at the time and when I started Picture to Ponder there were few words. See “Intentions” in Issue 1 (Dec. 9, 2004).

Now, as I go back over issues from the past year or two, I see more and more words or “talking”. So for today, and most likely beyond, I’m minimizing on words, inviting you to supply them or to simply “be” with the photo(s).

Today’s Featured Photos

Reflected Sunset underneath the boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach, FL

Without the boardwalk

In the second photo I zoomed in on the reflecting sunset, eliminating the boardwalk. See Self-Reflecting Queries for my observation on this.

Today’s Photo Story
There’s not a particular “story” around today’s photos and I could create one. I’m wondering do the “stories” I include make a difference for you?

Self-Reflecting Queries
I posed the question above, specifically, “Do my stories as I include them in Picture to Ponder make a difference for you?”

And, then I went on to observe, for myself, how much of my life I’m engaged in “story-telling” to others and myself? What if I spent more time living my life, being in it, rather than in the stories, how much “richer” might my life be?

I invite you to make the same observations and queries in your life.

Also, in relation to today’s photos. Is there one you prefer over the other? For me, it’s the upper photo. It feels framed and anchored by the dark shapes of the boardwalk and support.

Do you prefer the frames and anchors in your life are are you more comfortable an unconstrained space as seen in the second, albeit it does end at the tops and sides of the picture?

Remember to have fun with the queries. As always your thoughts are appreciated in the COMMENTS section below.


Usually the photograph dictates the writing in Picture to Ponder. It’s somewhat reversed today as you’ll see below. I invite you to simply experience the photo and then check the “story” of it and how it came to be
Today’s Featured Photo

Kaitlyn's Moons“Kaitlyn’s Moons”

Today’s Photo Story
Today’s picture is symbolic of the nostalgia I’m feeling. Given it’s the start of a new school year, or approaching it, and/or for others nearing the end of Summer vacations (if you are in the United States) I suspect you, too, might be experiencing some emotional ups and downs.

My granddaughter Kaitlyn, a little over two years of age in the above photo, is now 18 and leaving for college this weekend. A very talented and special young woman, I’ve been reflecting and writing on some of her precious attributes to include in a card for her when she departs.

In the process of writing I went back through some old photos to trigger and reinforce memories. The above photo is on the cover of a book she asked me to create for her, when she was 3. I’ve always loved the photo and it seemed to call out to be featured today to represent the walking boldy into the future that so many of us and/or our children or other associates are doing.

The title “Kaitlyn’s Moons” evolved from the fact that Kaitlyn called the leaves “moons.” Those of you into astrology may have fun adding an interpretation to the moon shapes showing in the photo.

Note: If you do, please share this with us in the comments below.

Self-Reflecting Queries
In addition to Kaitlyn’s starting college, her brother is starting high school next week. My older grandson in Georgia started last week. His younger brother started 5th grade, the end of his elementary school years.

A lot of movement and changes are taking place. I invite you to now reflect on your own life. Where are the changes happening? They may not be major ones and I’m sure you can find some?

What is your response to changes? Are you enlivened? Fearful? Do you go forward confidently or waver and perhaps withdraw? Are there patterns that you can identify?
I am still querying these myself, noticing the spaces where I allow myself to be held back?

Rather than attempt to put forth any answers here today, I’ll leave you with the queries and invite you to post in this issue’s COMMENTS section below.


Today’s issue of Picture to Ponder is about offering a brief respite at the beach. View the two 30 and 40 second videos and/or simply be with the top photos.

Then, if you might be interested in experiencing the possibility of using your camera and photography to empower you in your life, please check out my complimentary offer described below, after the SRQs.

Today’s Photos

sunrise at Boynton Beach, FL - 7-31-10

Sandpipers on Boynton Beach sunrise at the surfClick on image to watch video on YouTube

The top photo is of the sky and ocean at Boynton Beach at approximately 6:20 AM, approximately 25 minutes before the sun actually came up over the horizon.

The middle photo is a screen shot from the video of sandpipers. They were scurrying around so quickly still shots seemed out of the question. Click on the image itself or the video link to observe the sand pipers and hear the ocean. You’ll note at the end, I’ve reversed titled it “The Flow of Life”.

The bottom video is simply of the gently rolling surf to give you the experience of being there as you listen to and watch the rhythm of the gentle waves.

Self-Reflecting Queries
As you “be with” the radiance of the emanating rays of the pre-dawn sun in the top photo, I invite to to reflect on your own brilliance. What rays of color and light are you projecting out into your world?

Next, as you observe the sandpipers peacefully scurrying away from the waves gently rolling onto the shore and then quickly back again, as the birds search for food, I invite you to reflect on the following:

Are there things in your life from which you typically run away, perhaps viewing them as “threats?” If so, how quickly do YOU get back in the game? Can you relate in anyway to the behavior of the lone sandpiper on whom I’ve focused at the end?

Lastly, should any of these images have an empowering impact on you, I invite you to “grab on to them to hold in your memory bank to call upon when desired.

As always have fun playing with these photos queries. Then please share your experiences with us in the COMMENTS section below.

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