Obstacles as Gifts as seen in Phalaenopsis Orchids – Picture to Ponder – v6 – issue 28

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 14, 2010

I’ve been busy organizing and planning today’s call for moms in deepening connections and communication with their young children. I was once again moved to tears and smiles when Tracy, one of the interviewees, responded to an email mentioning the “STRONG heart connection” with her and her daughter.

Also, though the call is not about using the camera, I asked Tracy if she and her daughter are still using the camera. She replied:

“I would definitely bring up the camera thing because we do it all the time. We also look at your Pictures to Ponder and we each share what we see and feel from the pictures…..she also takes pictures when we are out and she will say every other day….”I need the camera…I need to get a picture……”

Tracy’s comments led me to wondering, “Are there people in your life whom you engage in interaction with your experiences to the photos and/or queries here in Picture to Ponder?”

If you are interested in being on the call, today, Wednesday, July 14th at 2:30 PM PDT/5:30 PD EDT we will be “meeting” by phone (Skype is possible also). If you can’t make the call, it will be recorded and you can get the MP3 download later. See Child Connections to request information.

Lastly, my good friend, Julie Gabrielli, Mom and Architect, www.goforchange.com, will also be joining Tracy and me. You may recall I wrote about Julie and her son, featuring his tulip photos a couple of months ago.

Today’s Photos
Phalaenopsis orchids at the American Orchid Society Gardens. The middle and lower photograph are obviously the same. The lower one had a minor adjustment. See (Today’s Photo Story below.)

White phalaenopsis at American Orchid Society

phalaenopsis darker background
phalaenopsis - background lightened

Today’s Photos Story
When I opened these downloaded photos the first photo I saw was the middle/bottom one. Though the flowers were beautiful, I felt confronted and briefly thought of this as a theme for an upcoming Picture to Ponder. Then I let it go.

A couple of days later the top photo “spoke” to me, the flowers presenting almost a wall, keeping me out. Then I noticed the single flower in the lower right protected by its own wall, the root.

Is it protection or is it a barrier? There is also the one flower on the far left that we could put the interpretation of “look-out guard” or might it be protector in the whole scene?

As I mentioned above the middle and bottom photos are the same, with a simple “fix” or Photoshop Elements enhancement on the bottom that lightened the background, softened and lighted the white of the flowers and now has a slightly more “welcoming” feeling. Just that one very minor click, made, for me, a huge shift in the response the photo evokes.

Now, scrolling back up to the first photo, the small flower on the lower right brings a smile to my face. I could continue to make up all kinds of “stories” about her – the hugs she might want or the “gift” she might be.

Self-Reflecting Queries
As you might have guessed, today’s “stories” to the photos are partially a reflection of “stuff” I was going through. They even look different today, less “threatening.”

Once again, I realize, I’m demonstrating life and the “stories” we often make up about things. Sometimes they help. More often than not they exacerbate, for us, a situation we “think” we might be in, or a “challenge” we may be facing. It could be “real” or our “interpretation.”

Looking into your life right now are there situations for which you are making up “stories”, possibly even living into those stories, sharing them with others, making them more “real” for you. If so, I invite you to step back and bring new eyes to the situation. As in the third photo above, is there a simple adjustment you can make to the “story” to shed a different light on it?

And, sometimes, no matter what we “do” certain things may not change, at least not so long as we have an attachment to their being “different.” The peace is in the “letting go.” Is there anything going on for you right now that you are willing to release?

Yesterday, in the Mastermind Group with Molly Gordon in which I’m a participant, we spoke of “problems/challenges” often getting stored as baggage. One participant said she’ll often take a problem she may have and metaphorically puts it in a small box, wraps the latter, ties it up with a pretty ribbon and places it in a drawer. When the problem comes up again in the future (don’t they always?), she’ll take the box out of the drawer to open up and find the GIFT within!

I had a further conversation with my friend Marifran Korb who is BRILLIANT in finding the “gift” in anything. She has a new BlogTalkRadio show where she’s had, and will have shows, including the “Gift of Having ADHD”, the “Gift of Depression” and her own book in the works, “Breaking through Concrete: The Gift of Having Mentally-Ill Parents. All sound “heavy” and how much easier our lives are when we find the openings.

I invite you to again look in your life. What are the gifts in it? Make note of them for reminders. Be sure to include on it the gift of yourself and what you bring to yourself and the others.

I’m going save the singular flower in the top photo! She’s full of wonder and the desire for discovery.

As always have fun with these queries and looking/seeing. Also, please post your responses in the COMMENTS section below.

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