August 2011

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For this posting, I looked for what photos might go along with the spirit of Ellen’s package title. Given I do not have any ice cream photos, I went with the following two. Further explanations are below the photos.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

Ice cubes through the glass - mojitio drink [click to continue…]


Photographing food was our assignment this past week in The Photo Profits Secret online course in which I’ve been participating. As usual, I found myself drawn into the centers, and the art, rather than whole of individual and groups of fruits and/or vegetables.

I invite you to fully experience and be with each of today’s photos without further interference. Explanations are below.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

white flowering kale - single leaf [click to continue…]


Today’s Picture to Ponder Photo –

This simple scene scene of the fisherman at sunset in Key West, FL exudes a sense of peace for me. My intention is that it fulfills on the same for you.

fisherman at sunset in Keywest

The added photograph that I almost included, and chose not to, is one of my beautiful granddaughter Kaitlyn resting against a tree in Key West. The picture was shot at an angle that reinforced the rhythm and flow of the whole scene. Though is holds together well, it felt too busy to fit with the above photo.

If curious, you can see it by clicking on Angled Tree. [click to continue…]


Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
are simply choices coming out of my lethargy around putting together this week’s issue of Picture to Ponder. Believe it or not, I have not been very photo-taking motivated recently (outside of photos of my beautiful granddaughter in Key West last week which you can see on Facebook in my Fun with Kaitlyn Album).

On the other hand I have made a commitment to you and myself to get this ezine out weekly, so I went to my files and the two photos below are the ones that said, “Choose me.”

Do they fit together? Maybe the answer lies with you? I’m simply trusting there is a reason, for at least one of you, that they “called out” to be included.

 courtyard outside Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art [click to continue…]


On the run, so a quick message this week.  I was leaving Wakodahatchee Wetlands at dusk, recently, and from the distance noticed an interesting image in the rear window of the guard’s  jeep parked in the lot. Coming closer, I saw it was a reflection of the outside environment rather than something in the jeep itself.  When I noticed the imagery in motion as I walked, I grabbed my iPhone camera to video it. Thus, today’s photos.

Switching conversations for a moment, this is the same parking lot from which I photographed the “Caged Sunset” a couple of years ago.  Those photos and queries make up one of the featured essays in the current issue of Buddha Chick Life.  Included amongst the 11 other postings is a link for a podcast by SARK and a section on THE POWER OF SILENCE from Sara Avant Stover’s Book, The Way of the Happy Women: Living the Best Year of Your Life. There is also the opportunity to be the winner of a giveaway for the book. See Buddha Chick Life for it all.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

 Reflections in front window of a Jeep

Jeep reflections

Click on photo or on JEEP REFLECTIONS to see the short video
The top photo is obviously reflections in the window of the side front. Though that’s not what grabbed my attention, it’s a more interesting photo than those I got on my camera of the rear window.
The lower photo is a screen shot of the first view in the video.  Looking at the side rear window you can see the above-noted image.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Today I invite you to look around you and find an object or scene that seems static. Then move passed it and around it if you can.  Notice what shifts.  Lights? Shadows? Shapes?  Are you bringing new eyes to it?

Then, is there a situation in your life where you feel stuck? If so, I invite to look at that also, again, from different angles.
Some of the motion in the window image above came from its reflecting the leaves moving to the whispers of the wind as I stood still.  Other movement in the “scene”  was a result of the shifting of my camera and my body.
Back to your situation – Can you see any spaces for movement, perhaps from outside of it and you?
As always, have fun, and please share in the COMMENTS below what comes up for you.