October 2011

This week’s Picture to Ponder’s featured photos are a result of two different experiences I had this past week. Although the photographs are not particularly beautiful. nor are the imaginary images that clear, they do represent an important message.

pink moon just starting to rise over the oceanThe thumbnail photo on the left is a piece of a live oak tree root which grew around one of the sprinkler heads in our community. The root needed cutting and, the portion close to the house, dug up. It took Issaac, one of our grounds maintenance men, over an hour to remove it. Feeling triumphant, he brought it into the office to share.

Gini, the admin assistant, somewhat attuned to my finding imagery in natural objects, [click to continue…]


Last week, walking at the beach at sunset, I thought of the full moon seen the previous night. It occurred to me that the timing might be such to see moonrise over the ocean. I pulled out my iPhone to check this on the online Sunrise/Sunset calendar and sure enough it was set to happen in about 20 minutes.

pink moon just starting to rise over the ocean

Nevertheless when I saw the pink spot on the horizon line I wasn’t certain it was the moon.

However, I did take several pictures which I was not going to post publicly because they were all blurry. [click to continue…]


In last week’s issue of Picture to Ponder, we addressed “light and shadows.” For this week, I am once again pulled in by shadows, contrasted with bright, somewhat early, morning light.

Today’s two photographs were taken with my iPhone camera and then enhanced using various “effects” in the FX Photo Studio application. The similarity/repetition in colors in the first four hold them together in an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

In addition to which photos to use, I always have the added consideration, if grouping a few especially with different subjects, to have them work well together.

The fifth image is so bright, it does not really seem to belong. And I couldn’t resist sharing it. Clicking on the smaller photos will bring up images that are the same size as the larger ones showing below.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

palm frond on the ground in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Relaxing on the sun porch at my son and daughter-in-law’s home in Georgia recently, my eye was captivated by the shadows on the window shades.

(Click on thumbnail photo if you wish to experience it in a slightly larger size.) [click to continue…]


Today’s photographs focus on light and shadows, our interpretations of them and the differences, if any, a slight shift in perspective makes. The only story behind these is that the photographs were the ones that popped out, requesting being featured today. Should you need more, I invite you to make up a story about them up and share on the blog, if you wish.

palm frond on the ground in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

On a recent walk in Wakodahatchee Wetlands, following my “rule” of photographing anything that catches the eye, I used my iPhone camera to capture this dead frond dropped from a palm tree.

Then I zoomed in on it with the camera, settling on two very slightly different, views.

Though only a shift up of a few inches, less than a foot, the feeling emanating from each differs. [click to continue…]