Freedom in Self-Expression sparked by Whistling Duck – Picture to Ponder – v6 issue 26

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 1, 2010

I must have spent an hour or more searching for Roseate Spoonbill pictures that I thought I wanted to bring you in today’s issue of Picture to Ponder. Then I got a notice of a comment someone made on FlickR on a Whistling Duck photograph I had posted there. I burst into laughter, loved what she had seen that I had not even noticed and “knew” this was my answer for today’s choice.

I also had a conversation this morning with Sus Kongsbak Larsen, a mom who is so excited with the new expanded relationship she now has with her 10-year old son after some coaching with me. Their connection was already great and Sus maintains that she now has a whole new sense of freedom around him and her work. I was especially moved with Sus’ concluding comment in our conversation. “Everybody needs a dose of Sheila,” said she.

Today’s Photos

Whistling Duck 1For more photos and the story

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck 2 - June 2010

Black-belllied Whistling Duck feathers - close-up

The photographs above are of the Black-Bellied Whistling Duck on a boardwalk railing at Wakodahatchee Wetlands taken very late afternoon. The lighting differences between the top and the second photo are a result of the different directions I was facing in relation to the setting sun. In the top photo it was behind me. In the bottom it was to the side and almost behind the bird.

The third photo, if you haven’t guessed, is a close-up of the beautifully silky feathers of the bird in the top photo. The video is a quickie, only 11-seconds. You can briefly hear the Whistling Duck’s voice.

Today’s Photo Story –

I started the “story” of today’s photos in my introduction to this issue. The comment on FlickR that had me laughing was made on the top photo by past course participant, resultant friend and Picture to Ponder subscriber Blaise Allen.

She wrote, “Oh this is just stunning! Its leopard panties are showing!” When I called her to say how “right on” she was and I hadn’t even picked up on it, she commented, “You taught me well.”

Blaise is a writer and wonderful photographer. You can get a taste of her work on her new blog – I just subscribed to it knowing I’ll be in for a treat.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Once again, I find I’ve covered a wide range of topics: laughter, paying attention to detail, noticing the components and adding humor, and the effects of such discoveries on your relationships with your kids and others.

I invite you to look into your world. Where are you seeing humor? If you don’t have an immediate response, make it up. Look around you. What do you see that you can add a “touch” of humor to?

Now may be the time to point out a blog post I put up a few weeks ago – “Sh*t Happens – Find the Beauty” – photographs and a discussion on branding. I was moved to write the post while reading CRUSH IT, a wonderful book on branding your passion, your work and more. I’ve been reluctant to share the post here because of the title I gave it. I’ve been afraid of possibly “offending” one or more of you, my precious subscribers.

I was also concerned with quoting Blaise with the “panties”, thinking maybe “underwear” would be better. And, I have no idea if anyone here will be offended. It’s one more thing to which I’m giving “meaning.”

So, are there places in your life where you are holding back on your self-expression, concerned that “people” might not like a word or term that you use? Is it stifling you, keeping you from being fully yourself?

As I think about the two words above on which I was holding back, I am reminded that my purpose is to be true to myself and to encourage you to be true to yourself. In actuality by holding back, I could conversely be “ripping off” other people who might find “openings” in what Blaise or I, or another, wrote.
Are there places in your life where you are depriving others of truly getting to see and experience you?

for Parents who would like to experience the same fun and play and freedom with their kids that the grandparents have –
If this does not apply to you and you know someone to whom it would, please pass on the link for New Connections with your Children as described below.

I am in the process of setting up a conference line phone call, which will be recorded, interviewing a couple of parents whose already great relationships with their children have shifted even more dramatically out of conversations we’ve had.

There will an opportunity to see how I’ve been coaching moms, for questions to be asked and, perhaps, some “spot coaching” for a couple of participants. The call will be sometime this month.

For more information, a sense of what’s possible and to be on the notification list, go to CONNECTING.

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Morgine July 1, 2010 at 8:13 pm

These photographs are Stunning! Especially the second one with that glow around the head area!! I love all the images, the video, the colors and textures!! There is so much to explore and enjoy in these photos, including the comment about the panties showing! All those things you teach us in your classes.

The Duck’s message for me today. “Be bold and play in the sunlight. Do things you enjoy. Sparkle up the environment with some of your own joyful sounds. Be bold, be you, be free, and some animal or human might notice you too and smile and you have made their day!”


Sheila Finkelstein July 1, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Thanks so much for all the acknowledgment, Morgine. And it sounds like you have a message you can use for your next VOICES OF NATURE 🙂


Marifran Korb July 1, 2010 at 8:38 pm

There’s a theater comedy called “The Underpants” that was rewritten by Steve Martin. You could inspire a comedy “Panties” with the ducks singing. OK whistling. I think they are trying to sing.
Keep having fun,


Sheila Finkelstein July 1, 2010 at 9:06 pm

Thanks for expanding the Fun, Marifran. Sing/whistle away!


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