I am an artist, photographer, writer and coach, passionate about making a difference with people. My strongest mission in life is to inspire people to see their worlds in new and different ways. The underlying thread of how I view my world is expressed on my first web site, www.naturesplayground.com

“We believe that the world is a playground for personal growth and development; that natural environments – gardens, woods, beaches, rivers, streams – are sources for pleasure, creativity, play and self-discovery; that expanding sensory awareness of natural and man-made environments provides access to furthering creative thinking and appreciation.”

One access in my work right now to fulfilling this mission and belief is using “Photography as Access to Transformation.” My photo ezine, Picture to Ponder, www.picturetoponder.com ,  changed to “Treasure Your Life Now” is one avenue.

Links to most of my work can be found on www.sheilafinkelstein.com.

For those who look for degrees, I have a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Education and was an elementary school art teacher for seven years.

I appreciate your visiting my blog and my work. Your feedback is always welcome.

You can contact me at Sheila [at] photographyandtransformation.com