February 2012

Limpkin tending himself at Sunset at Green Cay

The above Limpkin at sunset at Green Cay Wetlands is inviting you on a portion of walk as we see different perspectives of the sky and water. He and I are inviting you to experience the peacefulness of it. [click to continue…]


 Reflections in car lamp - brilliant red

When searching for a “heart” photo, or just “the right” photo for Valentine’s Day the above photo of headlights (taillights?) of a car popped out at me. Be it the colors, or the multi-reflected images it seemed to be most fitting to my message for today. So, I said “yes” to its being today’s featured photo. [click to continue…]


The intention of today’s issue of Picture to Ponder is meant to give you a refreshing break in Nature through photographs from two recent, bright sunny days with two, presumably different, Cormorants.

Today’s Photos

cormorant on boardwalk observing landscape at Wakodahatchee Wetlands
Wind open spaces in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while you undoubtedly are aware that I often find art in bird droppings on the boardwalks where I wander. You also know that one of our consistent themes in Picture to Ponder has been around querying the possibilities that open up from shifting perspectives.

Today’s Photos and Stories
I had an interesting, “accidental” experience the other day, relevant to both the “art” and changing points of view. A particular “droppings” pattern caught me eye, so I’ve course I stopped to photograph it. Given I’m in two different online classes, right now, both with a “self-portrait” theme, I intentionally included my feet in the shot seen below.

From behind - Walking toward bird dropping art in Wakodahatchee Wetlands [click to continue…]