May 2011

Fairly early this morning, my attention was caught by dew drops caught in the plantlets of a mother-of-millions plant. Given the photographs I took were not that aesthetically pleasing I went looking for other “dew-drop” photo opportunities. (Note – If you wish, you can see the plant on M-O-M Plant.)

The drops on the banana plant leaf shown below caught my eye. Looking at the photograph after I downloaded it into my computer brought, and brings, me peace. I thus decided to feature it in this issue of Picture to Ponder.

I’m wondering, “Do you get a similar feeling?”

Today’s Photos

dew drops on a banana plant leaf

Since we’re featuring a banana plant leaf here, I thought I’d share another recent photo. Here we have the play of light and shadows and, [click to continue…]


Once again, “shifting perspectives” is the theme that came up from the photographs wanting to be shared today. They photographs were taken while walking in a local nursery. Explanations and comments are directly under each photograph.

Today’s Photos (from my iPhone) –

rolled palm bark on ground

Curled bark from palm tree. Deciding that the green from the plant in front of it did not make for good composition, [click to continue…]


This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending Mother’s Day with my younger son, Rob, his wife, Kevra, and grandson, Ryan. In addition to it being a relaxing, loving weekend, it was also one in which I had the pure delight of making new discoveries.

First my eye “noticed.”

Then I “paid attention”, using my iPhone camera to document my experience to savor and share with you. An added bonus for me was that Ryan got excited also with what I was seeing. He was able to do his own photos with Android.

Today’s Photos[click to continue…]


During my recent family visit to GA, I was captivated by the rose set in a bowl on the kitchen window sill below.

Today’s Photos

backlit rose on kitchen window sill [click to continue…]