November 2011

Today’s post carries with it the undercurrent of sadness on some losses in my life, plus a huge sense of gratitude for the opportunities and possibilities that were and are. Immediate for today’s photos and writing is what’s happening with my beloved American Orchid Society Gardens, in Delray Beach, FL. Two weeks ago, I learned that it would be closing at the end of the month. Because it has meant so much to me, and thus indirectly to you, I am dedicating today’s issue – Photos and Queries – to gratitude for its contribution to my life. [click to continue…]


avocado pit with peelAVOCADO PIT

Aged, Solid,
Rock Hard,
Rich in color, texture, patterns
And oh so much more.

On its own, it splits in two
Peel the parchment skin
Find the heart lines, textures,
Ying and Yang?

Is there a message here, or do we simply accept it for what it is?

Beauty contained in the ordinary, often overlooked,
Sometimes never seen at all. [click to continue…]

This week’s issue of Picture to Ponder is dedicated to the memory of Toshiko Takaezu, world-renowned potter, of Japanese heritage, born in Hawaii where she died in March at the age of 88.

I just learned of her passing when I Googled her name this week. Three small ceramic pots of hers that I’ve owned for many years spontaneously became the subject of my writing in two groups I’m in this week; thus the search for an update, since the last time I visited her studio.

“Renowned for her extraordinary pottery and highly respected as a teacher, Toshiko Takaezu is one of the most significant ceramic artists of the 20th century–and the 21st.” Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of a Ceramic Artist” –, where you can see a beautiful video on her philosophy and work. On the right side of the page you will find links to clips abstracted from the 30 minute video. See some of the incredible Nature views, especially in Hawaii, that had an impact on her work.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

ceramic pot byTtoshiko Takaezu

CONTAINER OF LIFE [click to continue…]


The focus of this week’s Picture to Ponder is “Play” and the permission we do, or don’t, give ourselves to “freely” play. The photographs themselves are a result of my following through on taking a photo of whatever catches my eye.

This week’s feature is one rose, not artificial, in a glass vase on a bathroom counter. It was behind faucets, in a conference center Ladies’ room. At first glance, I was particularly intrigued with the colors on the edges of the petals.

With the convenience of my iPhone readily available I was able to take pictures in that small space. One rose, two views, and the FX Effects in the Photo Studio app for the iPhone are accountable for four of the five images below. I’ll speak to the “freedom” aspect of this experience in the Queries section.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos with Queries –

(“Explosion” Effect in Photo Studio)color tinged rose - blurred out with FX Effect from Photo Studio app for iPhone

At first glance, is everything usually a blur for you, or  [click to continue…]