April 2012

There are a few things I would like to bring your attention to. They are detailed next and below today’s Action Queries.

With Mother’s Day coming up I’d be doing you a disservice were I not to remind you of Nature Art Gifts. It includes links to a variety of choices of products incorporating my wide range of art. In addition gift certificates are available. Further down the page, my favorites are cited.

Now on to Today’s Photos

Yellow pink rose [click to continue…]


If you are one who has been married, or in a relationship, for 7 or more years, I’d love to have a conversation with you regarding Love With No Regrets. Do you ever wonder if there can be more than what you have now between the two of you? Are you and/or he/she challenged in expressing your/their true feelings? Are there things being left unsaid that you might regret not having spoken?

If any of the above fits for you, I invite you to schedule a 30-minute time slot on my Session Calendar  For more background and general information see – www.LoveWithNoRegrets.com – or go directly to the RYL-Session page to book a time.

Now on to Today’s Photos – A strange combination, I know. And, what commonalities do you see?

black and white photo of Sheila Finkelstein's legs in 1963 [click to continue…]


Roses and Hugs say “I Love You” – Picture to Ponder v8-14

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 12, 2012

This week as I was reading some of the Love Tips comments on my new Love With No Regrets site, I noticed that more that 50% of the comments referenced hugging. Several mentions of hugs and other forms of touch are also shared in “55 Ways to Show Love.”

It’s therefore not surprising, that when I started taking photographs of beautiful roses one of the first images that caught my eye were the two red roses in a hug.

red rose buds hug one another [click to continue…]


Section of wall at Viscaya

In recent posts I’ve mentioned that as I’m transitioning into my Love with No Regrets business, we’d be revisiting photos and Self-Reflecting Queries published over the past seven and a half years in Picture to Ponder.  In general discussions have almost always been on expanded seeing both in our behaviors as well as our environments. My aim now is to find photos and queries more pointedly looking at these themes. [click to continue…]