October 2012

I posted the following “Metaphor for Aging, As Seen in a Turnip” in a blog post over three years go. The experience of it resulted in an exercise used in subsequent sessions of the Through and From The Lens course. Participants interact visually and viscerally with their cameras and self-selected fruits or vegetables.

It started with the turnip below after it caught my eye in the supermarket. I bought it as my example for a class the following week.

Turnip Top [click to continue…]


This week’s post is one where I am following my intuition. For the most part, in the past years of publishing Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now, a photograph appears as I search my files, seeming to be the one that wants to be featured.

This past week Ronna Jevne, one of our long-time subscribers, emailed me acknowledging how appreciative she is of each of the issues she receives. It had been a while since I connected with her directly and I was prompted to visit her site. Somewhere on one of her pages I picked up on the quote that intuitively has bcome the subject for today’s issue.

“Remember, if you don’t go within, you will go without. Become a student of your own life, a therapist of your own soul.” Ronna Jevne, Photographer/Writer/Psychologist – www.ronnajevne.ca

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck 2 - June 2010 [click to continue…]


Recently I was chatting with a friend online. This friend often speaks about her mother’s ethnic cooking. Although I’ve never met her mother, for some reason the image of the possibility of how her mom’s hands might look shredding, pouring, measuring, stirring and more keeps surfacing for me.

This led me further to recall the photos I took of Minnie, the 96-year old mother of another friend and neighbor. In searching for one to pass on, I selected the following to share with you.

96 year old mother's hands

Another fun photo with Minnie’s beautiful expressive face AND pointing, moving finger as she emphatically shared, “My Mother always told me…” can be found on the blog I started with the same name, MyMotherAlwaysToldMe.com

I then started reminiscing, thinking about other hands photos, both mine and those taken by my beloved, late husband Sam. This led further to reflecting on the importance and the beauty of our hands. Thus emerged the theme of today’s issue Treasure Your Life Now.

As you continue, I invite you also to ponder on how many ways you use your hands.

For me, in addition to using my camera, my hands/fingers spend a lot of time on the keyboard, as well as on holding a phone. This past week I used the latter to learning how to screen capture, for video, what appears on my computer desktop as I work. I can therefore now create lessons AND visually record the activities during the Through and From The Lens sessions.

My point in sharing the latter is that, although the first session of the course is complete, you can still join in and catch up, seeing and hearing everything we covered. Do check details below the Queries. If it fits for you, you’d be joining an exciting/excited group of current participants. Now on to

Today’s Additional Photos

little boy's hand in man's hand

a trusting little boy’s hand, resting in Sam’s

Quoted, as published, July 15, 2005 issue of Picture to Ponder – Issue 138.

“Sam and I were walking along the boardwalk in Wakodahatchee Wetlands earlier this week and on that particular afternoon Sam chose to use his walker as an aid. We passed a beautiful little boy, probably 2 or 3 years old, who started pointing inquiringly at the handle of Sam’s walker. Then he and Sam reached their hands out to each other.

With a little encouragement from his parents he repeated this action so that I could capture the above photos, as well as some others. See Inquiring Hand and Grasping Hands.

With these photos I wish you a weekend of inquiry and loving connections.”

On December 23, 2005, Issue 211, in celebration of the holiday season I featured

lighting Hanukah Menorah

stating, “We can also view the hand as reaching out to touch you in gratitude and appreciation for what having all of you dear subscribers in our lives has meant to us this year.”

In Issue 131, “my predominant artist/photographer/writer’s hand through an opening in a decayed tree photographed by Sam many years ago. The sterling silver and fired clay rings are ones that I had fun creating…

I think that part of what called to me here is that the photo epitomizes the feeling of texture that I so love. I think the whole picture exudes love.”

Self-Reflecting Queries and Relationship Tips
Where might you find some new, or old, things that you can bring you the childlike joy of inquiry, discovery and enjoyment?

As I wrote the last statement, I had the thought that this is what makes so many of my photos work. It’s the discovery of new things that excites me and invariably causes my camera to come out, especially if it’s a visual discovery.

So, what excites the child in you? Pay attention for the next few days and beyond. Then take some actions accordingly.

In terms of Relationships, I invite you to spend some time considering the following, exploring the same with your partner, family member, friend, and/or even yourself. How can you/do you use your hands to most express your love?

What hand actions do any of the above persons take that have you most FEEL being loved? Then consider making requests for this.

Do keep in mind that not everyone likes to be touched. Honoring another’s space, always ask first what will work for them. There are times you can always simply reach out with your own hand, not yet touching, and gauge the response.

As always, have fun, and please post what comes up for you in the COMMENTS section below.

 Through and From The Lens – Report and Opportunity –
As I mentioned above, since I was able to audio and video record the activities during the first session of Through and From The Lens four-week Telecourse, you can still join in without feeling you that you missed something.

You certainly will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and become an integral part of the group, if you so choose.

During the call one of the participants stated that she thought she didn’t belong, she was too much of a beginner. At the end, she shared:

“I feel like the whole world has opened up for me with this
.  It’s so interesting. I sort of have tears in my eyes because I was resisting it yesterday.  ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to go to class.  I didn’t want to interact sort of thing.’

Then I listened to everyone else’s beautiful comments and you’ve been such a wonderful teacher.  I’m just thrilled and touched, so glad I signed up for it. I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to thank everyone who came on the call.”

Several then proceeded to tell her of the value she added.

For details, bonuses, registration information and to see testimonials and photographs from some other past participants go to Telecourse