September 2011

Today’s Picture to Ponder photos certainly seem like a strange mix. At least they do on this end. I’ve been sitting on several moon photos for over a week, thinking I’d feature them in the last issue.

With a few possible queries and themes fighting each other in my head, I let it go and focused on the “light” message. Thus featured today are one of the moon photos and the glistening, sunlit golden water just past sunrise at the beach. New video clips also resulted.

To simplify this issue of Picture to Ponder, I posted the story of the moon on the blog, including the photographic processes and my discoveries. There you will see other full moon photos, including a brilliant orange one that I love, and Self-Reflecting Queries around “perfection”. See “Lessons From The Moon.“  Then clicking on the surf photo below will take you to a video of the waves gently washing in and rolling back on the surf.

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Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

textured view of orange moon 3/4 view [click to continue…]

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Lessons from Photographing Orange Full Moons

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 26, 2011

A little over a week ago, I was driving home from a meeting. Glancing out to my right a large, orange colored moon grabbed my attention. After a quick discussion with myself I turned right, rather than my usual left, to find a parking spot where I could pull out my camera to “capture” the image.

Each time I stopped, the street, and other, lights restricted my vision.  As a result the moon was coming out the usual “white” for me. Finally I decided to continue onto the beach in Delray Beach.  After a few photos, I happily remembered my tripod was in the car, so I set it up on the sidewalk behind the bushes, choosing not to go on the dark beach alone.

It was only then that the “big” revelation came. After playing with several settings, including the night scene on my Point and Shoot Canon Power Shot SX10IS, it occurred to me to use the Flash!

Although the distance was, of course, far from the moon, it did alter everything dramatically.  I got what had been eluding me on all of my attempted moon shots over the past many months or a couple of years.

All it needed was LIGHT!  It was then that I recalled a moon shot I captured in August of 2009, very close to sunset.  It was at the beach in Boynton Beach, FL.  I much too belatedly recalled that my discovery then had been that having the light brought out the color and texture .


Using the sunset setting on my camera deepened it further and brought out, or added to, the orange. (Note – The blue in the above photo might have been a result of slight manipulation with Photoshop Elements.)

Ironically, when I started searching my photos in iPhoto, I discovered another moon photo with textures that I was very happy to catch and that was earlier this year.

This one was also taken at sunset, in February 2011.  Once again, outside light was a factor in getting the kind of full moon photo I keep chasing,

Self-Reflecting Queries

I invite you to look into your life.  Is there a place, or are there places, where you keep chasing “perfection”, where something you did was not “good enough”?

And, if you find that, what is the light you can shine on it to keep the memories and reminders there for you?

Have fun and please share your experiences with perfection, moon and/or light in the COMMENTS below.


To compensate for being way behind this week, I am simply sending out Picture to Ponder with photos for possible respite.

The other morning I went out to Boynton Beach to be with and photograph sunrise. While there I patiently video recorded five minutes of the quiet ocean, rising sun, ultimately reflecting in waves and surf approaching me.

Then to my surprise the iPhone application I used to record the scene did not pick up the sound and it compressed the five minutes to 58 seconds. If you wish to check it out, see Boynton Beach Sunrise Video

In the meantime, following are the three pictures that kept “popping out” of my photo folder, requesting that they be shown here.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

footprint in the sand during sunrise walkBoynton Beach

What gems might you find on a walk on the beach just after sunrise? [click to continue…]


As I surfed through folders, it was the top photograph that jumped out, declaring it wished to be today’s featured Picture to Ponder photograph.

I assumed that it might be in recognition of the water some of us are receiving abundantly in the form of rain, while others in areas of drought are in such need.

Then, I looked back at last week’s issue of Picture to Ponder images and see that they, too, were taken looking through something; the first a glass; the second through a section of an acrylic sculpture. So I’m thinking today’s theme has to do with filters.

I’m curious, myself, to see what will develop as I write the Self-Reflecting Queries, almost always a mystery to me until the writing starts.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

orange and lemons in water for drink [click to continue…]

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