Intention for Peacefulness Fulfilled by Fireflag Flower – Treasure Your Life Now – v9-1

by Sheila Finkelstein on January 13, 2013

Going into the third week of 2013, I want to acknowledge that this first issue for the year is late.

I am moving in a new direction and will likely be cutting down to two issues a month, rather than weekly. I am continuing my relationship coaching practice and at the same time developing a new business Technology for Seniors Made Easy. The site and blog were officially launched this weekend.

While still concerned with keeping my commitment to you, when I came up for air, I thought the most efficient path would be to search through the over 500 past issues and draw from there.

Find peace” and “take a deep breath” were phrases that were in the background as I pulled up a folder with spreadsheet listings of the first 7 1/2 years of publications. At random, 2008 jumped out and then the title for Volume 4 – Issue 24 caught my eye – Peacefulness from a Fireflag Flower. Going with the peacefulness/relaxation intention I am therefore republishing the latter issue with some modification.

It is my intention, that you, too, experience peace as you look at and spend time with

Today’s Photos  

fireflag flower - Green Cay

fireflag flower

Green Cay plant and reflections create a circle

The top two photos are of a fireflag flower. For this issue, I enhanced the very top one. It felt like it needed balance, so with Photoshop I duplicated one of the flowers and placed it floatingly in the picture.

The middle photo I added for this issue when it caught my eye as I was doing a fireflag flower search in my files. It’s always been a favorite of mine and seems to fit the theme.

In 2008, I wrote:
“A feeling of peacefulness, for me, is emanating from each of these pictures. In the top fireflag flower photo it’s the softness of the blurred background that’s creating this.

In the bottom photo, “Flowing Plant with Reflections” it is the feeling of completeness. This comes from the almost circles created as the bending branch tips meet in the water and reflect back upon themselves.

Self-Reflecting Queries 

“#1 – Are there places in your life where you have unfinished business and completion would give you peace?

If so, I invite you to take on one or more actions to have that take place. Most likely even the simplest action will start the process of serenity.

#2 – In the fireflag flower photo the result of the completion, so-to-speak, is a triangular shape. In art principles, as I recall, the triangle is said to be very dynamic. In this photo, it’s balanced nicely by the background.

In the midst of your very busy life, are you aware of where the balance is?

#3 – For whatever reason I love the fireflag flowers, especially abundant in the summer in Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands. Perhaps it’s simply the delicacy of the flower and its color.

Knowing how much I do love them, [I wrote in 2008] I assumed that I’ve featured them in Picture to Ponder sometime in the past year and did not want to be redundant. In fact, when I checked it’s been over a year.”

The latter story led into the following query, which I’ll turn into a

Relationship Tip
“Are there places in your life where you are hiding what you are passionate about, thinking people will be bored?

If so, I invite you to start sharing with one or more persons. See what opens up for you and, most likely, them. So much happens in the interaction.”

The Tip Always be open and authentic in sharing yourself and your passions. Refrain from making assumptions, then acting on them, thinking that YOU KNOW how the other person will, or will not, react.

Lastly, “Have fun noticing, or discovering, the triangles and circles of completion in your life.”

Please share in the COMMENTS below your experiences with these questions and your resultant actions.

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