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by Sheila Finkelstein on January 27, 2013

This weekend I went searching through files for an earlier issue of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now that featured food photographs. I had an article due for my SEEing Beyond column in my community newsletter.

When queried about a theme they’d like, one of the editors said she always enjoys when the articles evolve from photos of food. I found an issue from July 6, 2011 – Declaration: Celebration, Love and Laughter that featured the photos I’m using today, plus one of a quarter piece of cantaloupe.

Since I shifted the context for this issue, a new version and interpretations, it will be necessary to click on the latter link if you wish to see the cantaloupe and are curious as to what I wrote then.

Please continue reading after the photos, for my sharing on a couple of other important things I am up to.

Today’s Photos

dried lemon peel

I would suspect you might be challenged guessing what the above photo is.  If you’ve never kept the cut top of a juiced lemon, you might not guess at all.

I have no idea how I came to save it AND I was enthralled to discover that when dried, the rind became rock hard! I was also intrigued with all the different images that you can see in it when you look closely.

In that same, above-mentioned article, the photo below was also featured:

dried garlic bulb center

a dried, remaining segment of the inside of a bulb of garlic.

There is a little curlicue at the top that brought a smile to my face.  And the seeming bow at the bottom presents a feeling of elegance, or being dressed for a party.

“So what’s my point?” the seniors reading our newsletter might ask, as may you.

For one, to me, these are reminders that no matter what age we reach, however withered and dried up we think we appear or feel, there is always some beauty or intrigue we can find.  All that’s necessary is that we trust and look.

Although the above may seem only senior related we all have similar feelings at some point no matter what age. It could be something like all of our ideas for a project seem to be “dried up.”

I did mentioned “smiling” at the curlicue. In last year’s article, I referenced something I had just written regarding laughter in a timed, free-flow writing response to the quote:

The most wasted of days is the one without laughter.” E. E. Cummings

I wrote: “Laughter is what lightens up, shows that we are present and adds to the playfulness of the day, or is a reminder of it.

Interestingly, or not so interestingly, I used to think I had no sense of humor; that I didn’t laugh.  I was at a sales-training conference years ago when I mentioned this in a workshop.

The leaders looked at me as if I were crazy.  I guess I was laughing, and possibly even adding humorous things, totally unaware of my humor and appreciation.

Isn’t this what the epitome of full and satisfied living is all about, being totally in the moment?”

Self-Reflecting Queries
I invite you to look around you and see where there are things that you can put a new interpretation on, to bring smiles and laughter.

Is there a particular theme or happening(s) that make you smile and laugh? If so, is there a way you can bring even more of that in your life?

If you are one who quickly forgets what has you smile and laugh, are there reminders you can set up for yourself that will have you bring them to the surface more often?

Relationship Tip –
Is there any one thing in your relationship with yourself or another that feels “dried out”, perhaps untenable?

If so, I invite you to have an exploratory conversation, to play with it in some way to bring laughter into the relation. Practice being “silly”, even if it’s initially challenging.

Please share in the Comments below your experiences with these questions and your resultant actions.

More Goings-On –

Technology for Seniors Made Easy (and not limited to Seniors) – In the last issue, I mentioned my new developing website,

I suspect that most of the subscribers to Treasure Your Life Now are at least somewhat computer savvy and not necessarily “seniors”. On the other, I do know many of you who still get stymied when attempting to do things with your cameras, phones and or computers, including technical challenges with businesses you are developing.

I am therefore inviting you to visit I am developing it as an information site and would very much appreciate input and feedback on if/how it can help you.

Please pass the link on to parents and/or other family members and friends who might want a one-stop, go-to person and place where they can get information.

Questions are welcome at my address. This link is also on the web.

Health and Energy Support
Four months ago I was starting to feel even more scattered and out-of-focus than usual, for longer periods of time. I was beginning to wonder if this was depression.

Purely by chance, I got into a long-distance conversation with a subscriber whom I called about something totally different. In passing, at the end of the conversation she mentioned a product she was taking which had amazing results for her in areas about which I was concerned, plus.

Since taking this product I am in a more relaxed, focused and energized space as are friends and others I know. In addition, there are people whose health has been restored in so many other areas, that in honoring myself, and my purpose, I am compelled to share. I have always been about supporting individuals in having the most healthy, happy, and harmonious lives as possible. If this description fits for you, I invite you to check out the Egg of Life,

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