Treasure Your Authenticity for Self and in Relationships – Treasure Your Life Now – v9 – 5

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 2, 2013

As I ponder “Treasure Your Life Now”, I am reflecting on the importance of Treasuring the “Past” as well as the “Now”; or finding the pieces of the past we treasure for how they’ve contributed, and continue to contribute, to how we live and what we value today.

Thus, in going back to past issues of Picture to Ponder, I am treasuring what was, leading to the paths I’m on today and the contributions many of the long-time subscribers have acknowledged receiving from the photos and the queries.

This brings us to today’s photos and queries that were featured April 9, 2008. Over the years, I’ve often made it a practice when selecting photos to go with whatever showed up. Today one of my favorite photos appeared, “calling” to be featured. I was surprised, when I did a search, to see that, aside from featuring the photo on pillows, tiles, and boxes, I’d never referenced it again in the ezine or blog.

Today’s Photos

Gerber Daisy Yellow #1

yellow Gerber Daisy #2

Yellow Gerber Daisies – The top one was in a flirtatious state when I first started photographing the arrangement. The bottom is a close-up of one of the Gerber Daisies four days later, near its end.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Four years ago, I continued,

“In the last issue of Picture to Ponder, I wrote about:

Stiff, rigid, not real.
They lack the softness, the waywardness
Of their live counterpart.

Today’s flowers are/were live and “real,”, albeit that they were cut flowers purchased in a store. When they were in the vase, flanked by two live plants on my living room table, they felt alive.

As I photographed them on another table with a black backdrop I didn’t really think about this theme of artificiality.
Then when I selected the photos and used the Sharpening tool in Photoshop Elements, I was struck with how almost unreal they look.

Yellow Gerber Daisy Bouquet

My being started crying for getting out and photographing flowers as they are growing.

The “sharpening” reminded me of putting on makeup, spiffing up for a date or going out, though I added nothing to the photo other than what the technology was doing. I also began to think of some who appear, to me, to look so artificial with a lot of make up.

Then the Self-Reflecting Queries evolved to:
Where are the places in your life that you are making yourself up for, or acting in, a role that might or not be YOU?

Are there times when you are feeling “artificial?” If so, can you grab onto what creates that response in you.

Lastly, when and what are you doing when you are feeling most comfortable and natural?

Is that a sensory memory that you would like to retain for easy recall when you might be in a particularly uncomfortable situation? If “yes”, what are the cues that will have you remember?

For me, I feel most comfortable when I am not running “should be’s” a different way.”

Relationship Tip 
Today, I invite you to consider, “When are your relationships most real, comfortable and satisfying?”

I am assuming that in the long overview, those times that you will ultimately most treasure are the ones when you were being your most natural and authentic self. You will also have been giving space, and permission, to those with whom you are interacting to be their true selves.

Honor and treasure your authentic self and that of others in your world. 

Please share in the COMMENTS below, your experiences with these questions and your resultant actions.

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