Spider Web adds “Meaning” and Affirmation to Full Life – Picture to Ponder – V5 – Issue 17

by Sheila Finkelstein on May 21, 2009

In the last mailing of Picture to Ponder, I used a format where the photograph was further down the page and wound up receiving some unsolicited appreciation of the layout. Given I’m doing a whole reevaluation of Picture to Ponder, I decided to thus experiment with presentation in addition to some other ideas.

If there are areas you would like me to cover, please send me an e-mail. In the meantime, I’m considering adding TIPS AND REFERRALS as a regular feature. Thus:

1. I discovered belatedly that May is National Photography Month and there are are many celebrative links on the web. Samsung states they are offering 31 tips on their blog, though as of the 20th they are only up to 15. Tips cover parts of your camera as well as suggestions and guidelines for good picture-taking.

2. My friend Nachhi Randhawa is conducting a F*R*E*E “Prosperity & Consciousness” Teleclass on Monday, May 25th. She asks, “Are you interested in building your relationship with money and other forms of prosperity by practicing new ways of thinking about prosperity?” Is so, see Prosperity Class.

3. I was on an interesting call today, and am considering participating myself in The Artist’s Way Virtual Summer Camp for Adults. You can check out the information and listen to the teleclass introduction on Summer Camp.

4. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust –

June 8th starts the next session of my Expand Your Vision – Explode Your Creativity – Through and From the Lens telecourse which opens participants up to much broader views and out-of-the box thinking and acting and provides abundant resources.

COMMENTS from participants in the April-May session:

“Lots of amazing ideas and so much information and stimulus.” Rosemary Graham

Learning to perceive more of what is right in front of me. Now I see the same things in new ways, making me more creative.
No longer do I assume objects can have one view. Everything is multi-dimensional.”
Marifran Korb

All of which are a great lead-in to:


a Spider Web outside my office window, with an insert of another spider to show it’s top side – The lower photo is of a Spider Web attached to a Banana Tree.

Spider Web with Red Spider insert

Spider Web in Banana Tree

Although not “beautiful” photographs, as such, I am including them out of my fascination with the abundance of full spider webs being created from the leaves of my hibiscus bushes to the drain gutters under the roof, along the house next door to me. The upper photo does not show quite as many anchor threads as some of the webs.

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw the front, or “topside” of the spider and was charmed by its “face”. I thus included it as an insert in the upper photograph. I also had the opportunity to observe the latter “spinning” the web and was surprised to see that he/she was creating it from the outside, rapidly connecting and moving inward. For some reason, I always assumed they went from the center out.

I’ve included the one in the banana tree mainly to add some color here.

Wonder at the abundance of almost “perfect” webs that were, and have remained, right outside my window and beyond, has given me to opportunity to add “meaning” to them and my life.

Without checking out the mythology, or other stories/explanations, of spider webs. I decided that these are an affirmation that all my different endeavors are being firmly held together as a cohesive whole.

Is there anything that has been consistently showing up in your life? If so, are you paying attention, or simply ignoring it/them?

What, if any, symbols do you have, that are affirmations, or reassurances, for you?

As always, remember to have fun with the queries. I might even start doodling some spider webs again, like the ones I drew as a child, even teenager. Did you ever do the same?

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