Shadows and Light – Nuts and Bolts – Anchors in Life – Picture to Ponder: v6 – Issue19

by Sheila Finkelstein on May 11, 2010

Today’s Picture to Ponder photos are a little different from our usual flowers, birds and/or reflections and may not be considered by you as “pretty” pictures. They are the result of “ponderings” I’ve been in for the past week. See “Story” below.

The bottom line is my often times repeated observations, “where there are shadows, there is light” had surfaced. “In order to have shadows we MUST have light.” This thus was the underlying observation, as I glanced toward the front door at the end of my foyer yesterday. The pattern below below popped out at me. Sunlight was coming in the sidelight windows casting shadows of the plant in its path. The second, railing and exposed screw photo, suggests, to me, noticing the anchors in our lives.

Also, the shadows and light theme, seems to be fitting to acknowledge the official launch of CHECK MATES, today, with several bonuses for those who purchase it today.

“Despite the growing awareness of such conditions, stereotypes persist…and an inspiring (and inspired) group of writers have boldly decided to do something about that. Together, they have compiled a groundbreaking new book – a collection of Fiction, Poetry and Artwork about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by People with OCD. See Check Mates for Bonuses and Purchasing information.”

Today’s Photos

light and shadows on front foyer floor

exposed screw on railing in Green Cay drill into wood knot

The top photo is of Light and Plant shadows on my foyer floor.

The lower photo is an exposed screw anchoring the top of the boardwalk railing in Green Cay Wetlands. Though there is not much in shadows here, I do love the coloring and the rhythm of the patterns in the wood.

Today’s Photos’ Story

At random times the light and shadows observation “hits” me. Last week, on one of the Awakened Wisdom bonus calls, I asked Patrick Ryan a question in relation to the “meaning” of something someone had told me. It related to something Patrick had said. Not knowing me, he said he couldn’t answer the question.

What he suggested was that I take a walk in Nature with that question in mind and pay attention to whatever showed up. (Almost sounded like I was speaking.) He said I could find the answers in that.

I don’t know that I found the “exact answer” AND the first observation that hit me, before even going out for a walk, were the shadows of outside plants, dancing on my patio in the midst of large blocks of light. The shadows danced; the light stayed bright and stable!

Later on in the day, when I went for a walk on the boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands, the first thing I saw was a collapsed spider web still holding firmly on to the top and bottom of upper and lower boards. So now a reminder of the “stabililty” in my life came into my consciousness. After that, in addition to my usual noticing of wood knots, screws and nuts and bolts started surfacing into my field of perception.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Bottom line query today:

In your life do you spend most of your time looking at the shadows, or do you focus on the light, allowing the shadows to simply help define the light that’s there?

If you are intrigued with the thought of shadows, my friend Renee Barnow wrote on Groundhog Day, here in the US, “Seeing Your Shadow” on her blog. In it she put forth two queries:

“• Ask what is good about your shadow, for those of us who are uncomfortable seeing our shadow and

• Move into even more sunlight with your shadow, which will be with you anyway as, “You take yourself with you wherever you go,” and see what shows up in the brilliance of the sun” See Right-Line Blog.”

Lastly, since I did bring up discovering “screws and bolts” as anchors in life, I invite you to look at those components which lock the components of your life together and support you.

If you find yourself in occasional states of fear, as have a few people I’ve coached recently, I invite you to pay particular attention to the latter.

I suggest that you also use self-acknowledgment, a daily diary of at least five things for which you can acknowledge yourself. This is one way of setting up, or adding to your “tool box.”

As always have fun with this and please post your responses in the COMMENTS section below.

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Marifran Korb May 11, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Dear Sheila,
Thank you for your thought provoking pictures and articles. The shadow and light theme reminds me that life has contrasts. On a regular basis everyday, I find myself in both shadow and light The shadows grab my attention, yet remain scarce compared to the light. Mostly, shadows appear when I am in my own way; when I block the light.

Seeing your photos, I am struck by the beauty of the shadows on the floor and the mystery evoked by the light and dark. It reminds me of film noir and the frequent melodramas associated with them.

Can there be unlimited light without shadow? Our senses could not handle it. If there were no shadow and no night time, we might never rest.

Your first photo reminds me of what many of us do with life. We mistake the shadows for reality and create melodrama. That is why studying the contrast is so important. Even more important is realizing that shadows can be fleeting and which are not. Either way, we need to remove some block, so that the light can flow through.

Thank you for the sensation photos. I enjoyed the boardwalk wood knot with the screw going through what looks like an eye. Remembering that a screw is a tool, it reminds me that I need tools to see with greater vision.

Also, I am deeply grateful for the coaching session that helped me reach a higher vision for my soon-to-be- released book. Your support goes beyond helping me. Rather it lifts my book project to reach a larger population and a wider purpose.
Light and shadow,


Patti May 12, 2010 at 6:05 am

Thank you Sheila and Marifran for the lovely thoughts! I started my morning staring at the shadows – it is lovely to shift my attention to the light. I will also consider the anchors I have in my life. (They are there – I just forget to be grateful for them when I am staring at shadows) Great analogies – thank you!


amer May 13, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Hi Sheila
I love the wonderful surprise of seeing in your top photo once again, the folded wings of a monarch !! Metamorphosis truly blesses the springtime. :0)


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