One Photo a Day – One Theme for the Week

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 3, 2008

In keeping with the theme of Expanding Your Vision to Get Unstuck that I’m promoting on the Tips Page, I decided to start following one of the exercises we’ve done in Through and From the Lens classes I’ve led. The exercise is to choose a theme – color, texture, shape – for the week. It is my intention to make a practice of photographing something in that category daily and then post it here, noting insights as I have them.

About a month ago, Marifran Korb of Soulful Solutions, a non-camera user, took on the challenge — daily photos of one color- her choice – for a full week. The following week she chose a different color and continued the practice. After a few weeks, she wrote:


“Not only have you pointed out an alternative to the State of Funk, but you opened a whole new world for me. The biggest effect is that I see ‘ordinary’ things in a heightened way.

While I did notice things before, it wasn’t with the same depth of fascination and it wasn’t with quite as many things. Now alert to the magic inherent everywhere, I see nuances. I’m sure I will continually discover more on this new Life of Joy.”

It was my intention to start with a color, when something came up in conversation with Marifran, Morgine Jurdan, of Communications with Love, and I about vegetables. Remembering how beautiful, and/or interesting, vegetables can be I said, “Why not start off with veggies?”

I am now extending the challenge to our Photography and Transformation and Picture to Ponder communities, inviting you, too, to use your camera daily, this week photographing vegetables. In addition, I am inviting you to post your photoson FlickR and then come back here and post the URL for your particular photos in the Comments section each day. My FlickR photos can be found on the Inspirational_Sheila page. If there is a demand for it, later on this week, or early next, I will create a “How to Use FlickR” set of instructions for you.

Please pass this Game on to family and friends. Let’s have fun together and get past those nagging voices that are going to be saying, “My photos are not good enough to show.” I have the same voices!!! Lastly, in the COMMENTS section, please indicate if you are going to accept the challenge.

Are you in?




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Morgine August 4, 2008 at 12:30 am

Ok Sheila,

I will try and get my romanesque broccoli up on Flickr. I will see and believe it can be EASY!! Took lots of photos of fruits and veggies yesterday!! Lots of creative juices were oozing out as I took them and continue when I look again!! Thanks so much for the challenge!! I love inspiring myself to see my life in new and more magical ways!! You are a real JEWEL in my life!! Endless love & appreciation, Morgine


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