Green Stems in a Vase – Money Query

by Sheila Finkelstein on February 20, 2009

green stems in a glass vase on the table

Aside from Picture to Ponder, it’s been sometime since I posted photographs here on a regular basis. After being away for a full week of an intense course, then friends and family visits I’m decluttering my computer so I can get to the new photos. As I was checking already saved photos in my external disk, I saw this photo. I love the lines and shapes, including the reflections and decided to use it to start posting again.

This particular photo was in a folder labeled “Money Queries” from a couple of months ago. I recalled that a friend had suggested I use my camera to explore what I had termed “my hang-ups around money” and often-stated “lack of it.”

There are several other interesting photos also in that folder, some with dead and curvaceous leaves. I do remember having isolated thoughts as I took the pictures. Unfortunately I did not write them down. And, perhaps it’s just as well.

Sometimes art and photographs are meant to simply be enjoyed, without words, however they appear to us. I will thus stop the writing here today and perhaps for the next few days, so you can respond however you do.

Perhaps, I’ll use them as writing prompts on money, at some point in the near future. If the theme, calls to you and you wish to write on this or any other that I post, I invite you to so do.

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