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by Sheila Finkelstein on February 14, 2012

 Reflections in car lamp - brilliant red

When searching for a “heart” photo, or just “the right” photo for Valentine’s Day the above photo of headlights (taillights?) of a car popped out at me. Be it the colors, or the multi-reflected images it seemed to be most fitting to my message for today. So, I said “yes” to its being today’s featured photo.

This past Sunday I was in a home with a totally mirrored powder room, wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-wall mirrors. As I caught the almost never-ending reflections of me, I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and started taking photographs and videos.

multi-images of Sheila in a mirrored room

I thought, “What a fitting metaphor for my new business ReInvent Your Love. How many ways can we love ourselves?

How many ways can we love our partners and others in our lives?” So I did a did an iPhone video with this message. To see the one minute video click here or on photo. You’ll get the full 360- degree spectrum, showing all the images, as I turned myself around in a complete circle.

Thanks to all of you who responded after reading my “Love With No Regrets” message last week. Special thanks to Shayla Dougher, who affirmed, from her own experiences, my new business direction of supporting people in having complete and open communication with their loved ones, appreciating what was had, building an even stronger present, plus a legacy of memories, before it might become too late.

You can see what Shayla had to see on the new ReInvent Your Love web page. The latter page also has the above video on it in the column on the upper right.

More on Ways of Loving
This morning with my writing group, I commented I was hoping out of our timed writing to prompts, that I would to come up with a post for today’s issue of Picture to Ponder.

Then, after I reading it aloud I was encouraged to share here my response to the quasi-anonymous quote:

“Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle…

I wrote, “I’m a little put off by this quote. “Necessary” in terms of kindness does note seem to fit.  If we are “kind”, then to me it is a universal, a way of being.  Ok. Some could choose selective kindness, being “kind” only to certain people, and even at that I don’t think there is a level of kindness.

On the other hand, exercising compassion, being open to it, allows for the understanding and “being”ness that there may be more to a situation in front of us, with another, than meets the eye.

Some kind of  “battle,” perhaps?  Is everyone fighting one? Only if they allow themselves to be immersed in the negative, or negative interpretations.

At any time we can view something as a battle so-to-speak… opposing parts to any situation… These can be seen as fights or we can choose love and see them as openings to different perspectives.  Peace comes when we remove the “battle” concept from situations.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
For many of us who are without a significant other, or one who is absent for some reason, Valentine’s Day may be exceptionally hard.

If you fall into that category, I invite you, and actually everyone to reflect on what meaning are you giving to this day, to your relationship with another or yourself?

Do you have expectations that may or may not be fulfilled? If so what meaning are you giving them, in either case – fulfilled or not?

Are there other meanings that you are adding to any of it and the way you are living your life?

For me it even extended to the subject matter of the photos I “should” be using to express what I think and/or people expect to see on Valentine’s Day.

I could continue on this line. Then I come back to the core of today’s message. This includes seeing ourselves reflected in mirrors, as well as in other places and in the words and actions of other individuals.

How many “selves” do you have, do the people in your life have? How many ways can you acknowledge and show love for them?

For me, today, it was simply going with my original intent, letting it flow and not add to it, or belabor it any more. It was also trusting my friends and their “knowing” and belief in me.

Ultimately was simply being in the moment, honoring myself in that way.

How about you? What has come up for you here today in this issue and/or in relation to Valentine’s Day? Please share your experience with us in the COMMENTS below.

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Paula D'Andrea February 15, 2012 at 9:48 am

Love the tail lights Sheila!
So much reflection & refraction
for the inner reflex.
Thanks 🙂


Sheila Finkelstein March 15, 2012 at 5:48 am

Thank YOU, Paula. For some reason, only just saw this, Paula. Love your word play …. “reflection, refraction, reflex.” And you are most welcome 🙂


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