February Full Moon and Clouds – Playing with Light in Boynton Beach, FL

by Sheila Finkelstein on February 9, 2009

Moon and Clouds 1

Moon and Clouds 2

Moon, Clouds and Parking Lot Lamp

Lamplight and Moonlight

Moon, Clouds and House Light

Leaving Green Cay Wetlands last night I got excited when I finally saw the full moon from the parking lot.  I had the moon rise time – almost the same as sunset – and I was hoping to catch it on my walk through Green Cay.  It did not happen, so it was an unexpected thrill to look up and see the moon.

I was fascinated with the cloud patterns also and continued to take photographs from my car as I kept looping around the lot.  Once downloaded I liked the play of the light from the street lamp and, once home, the play of the light from my neighbor’s house across the street. (last photo)

It’s all about play for me!

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