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by Sheila Finkelstein on February 11, 2011

On New Year’s Day, around noon, I was driving down a street when the reflections in the building shown below caught my attention.

Reflecting the building seen in the photo just under here.

I immediately turned the corner, parked the car, grabbed the camera and my husband Sam I walked across the street to photograph.

So intrigued and excited with all the images I kept seeing, it became a visual feast. Recently I posted several as “Mystery Photos” on my Facebook Fan Page.  And, you can see many more of these fascinating images in the video on Miami Reflections.

Click on photo to get to the Video Page

Self-Reflecting Queries
As you view the Miami reflections photos, you’ll notice many distortions.  Not knowing that many of them are distortions, you most likely will be paying attention to the beauty and the wonderment of what you are looking at.

I invite you to look at your life, people or situations in it right now where things might seem uncomfortable and distorted. Were you to bring the same awe and openness to any of these situations, is there anything that might open up for you and the others who might be involved?  What are the possibilities?

Please share in the comments below, your experience of the photos in the Miami Reflections video. Share also, any insights you may have had on “distortions.”

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