Waiting for the Right Moment – Radiating Sun Welcomes the New Year – Treasure Your Life Now – v9-13

by Sheila Finkelstein on December 31, 2013

Along with wishes for the New Year (see last photo), today’s issue of Treasure Your Life Now brings queries for you to consider as we move into 2014.

Do you ever find yourself waiting for the exact, right moment to do something, say something, write something, or… ??

sunrise at Wakodahtachee Wetlands

Do you protect yourself from the unknown or from what you think you know about it?

sunrise at Wakodahatchee Wetlands on 12-29-13

Perhaps you hide behind excuses? Yet you look for…? You yearn for…?

The point of this last issue of the year is, “What if you were to Treasure Your Life NOW” in each moment? or to notice what happens when you Treasure Your Life, yourself and those people in your life, right now!

On Sunday, this past weekend, one of my visiting grandsons said maybe he would get up and go to the beach with me to see the sunrise. Before the wake-up alarm even went off, I walked outside to look at the dark distant sky. There were large and puffy clouds, so I thought it would be worth going.

When I woke my grandson, he thanked me and said that he was too tired. Given the beach is about 20 minutes, I wavered for myself and thought, “No. I’ll go back to bed.” Generally, I am late-to-bed, late-to-rise.

Then I decided since I WAS up already I could go five to ten minutes away to Wakodahatchee Wetlands and probably experience a “good” sunrise… picturesque, possibly exceptional.

According to the Weather app on my iPhone, the sun would be rising at 7:03 AM. It was about 6:20 AM and I went on my computer, finding things to do, planning to leave about 6:45 AM to be there “on time.” On schedule I left my home. It was already somewhat light outside.

As I looked up at the sky in front of my house, and while driving, I was dazzled by the beautiful pinks and almost reds. There was no place to stop to photograph what I was seeing.

By the time I reached Wakodahatchee, the brilliance in the sky had settled down. It was only then that I remembered that often the magic of the rising sun is in the colors that radiate throughout the sky BEFORE we actually see it coming above horizon. How many other times and how often in life do we miss what’s happening in the present.

Thus the lead question here, “Are you waiting and for what?” I was pretty much waiting for the 7:03 rising sun, missing what was before.

The topmost photo was the first scene I saw after parking my car at Wakodahatchee. The water reflecting the main color of the beautiful sky was what first caught my attention, reminding me Wakodahatchee was a great place to be for sunrise.

With the second of the above photos, we admire the beauty, while still being separated with our thoughts.

Below the camera and I open up to the full beauty.

sunrise in Wakodatchee photo 3 on December 29, 2013

birds flying at sunrise in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

I love the mystical quality of the blurs in the fourth photo. Reminds me of the brilliance of being in action.

Last Self-Reflecting Query for the year

I invited my writing group this morning to write on the following prompt and I invite you to do so also.

“When I treasure my life now, I……”

I wrote:
“When I treasure my life now, I am in the moment… the positive moment. I see what’s working, seeing the good in others and myself.

I am valuing myself, being present to what’s right, the beauty in me and in others.

When I am treasuring my life, I am in it rather than observing it. I am in action. I am sharing with others, not fixing, rather inspiring each to treasure their lives, the people in it currently and yet to come.

When I treasure my life I am with my family, open to loving and being loved, relaxed and appreciating each of us for who we are…. the same with friends.

Judgment disappears standing in the space of treasuring and breathing the now, the good, the beauty… life itself all around.”

A Very Happy, Healthy, Joyous and Prosperous 2014 to you!

May the light of the sun radiate warmth and beauty throughout the world.

sun's rays at sunrise in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

As always, have fun with the photos and questions. Please share in the comments below your experiences with what comes up for you, how you are Treasuring Your Life now.

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Shayla January 1, 2014 at 10:19 pm

I have kept all of the emails you send meaning to look at each. I received an I Phone for Christmas and my emails are now available to enjoy where ever I am. Sheila, the bird picture took my breath away! And why? I just LOVe birds of all kinds. It is that the freedom and beauty their presence represents is absolutely apparent! I am free and beautiful too! Thank you Sheila.


Sheila Finkelstein March 9, 2014 at 9:40 am

Hi Shayla. So sorry I missed commenting here. I love what you state about the birds… the “freedom and beauty their presence represents…” I’m putting that in my frontal lobe as a “listening” when I walk in Wakodahatchee or Greencay Wetlands later today or tomorrow.

I suggest you plan a trip down here to visit both locations, filled with birds. I’m sure you’ve been enjoying your new iPhone. Why not send a photo or two to me for my seeing with your eye.


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