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by Sheila Finkelstein on July 5, 2013

fireworks sunburst

I was shocked to see that it’s been over a month since I last published an issue of Treasure Your Life Now. Thoughts and ideas have been periodically surfacing and floating in and out:

“Messages, which one shall I deliver? which photo? what words? I have other pressing things to do.” I can go on and on and I’m sure you could add more from your lives, too.

Then this morning I woke up thinking, “Less is more. Simply put out an issue with a photo or two. Don’t worry about ‘Queries’ and ‘Tips’ Make it quick. Let it be easy.”

So what you’ll have in this issue is far fewer words than usual and an image I did spend time with, getting creative.

Today’s Featured Photos – a little bit of a mystery, perhaps. For fun, I’ll write a few more words and explain the photos at the very end.

One clue – They are about celebration.

fireworks with sunflower inset

Self-Reflecting Queries
Are there things in your life you have been putting off?

If so, and you were to apply “Less is more…” what, if anything, might you simplify?

Relationship Tip
This issue’s tip is to remind you, as always, to Treasure Your Life Now. Take a bit of time to consider what you most treasure in yourself and in a loved one. Then share both with that person, what you treasure in them and what you treasure in yourself.

You might even want to capture it in a recording so you will have the memory of your loved one’s voice and vice-versa. See Recording and Retaining Memories below.

Also, remember what we think is fact is not always accurate, so always check it out if you are making decisions based on your own interpretations.

As an example, if you were “wrong” in your guesses on what either of today’s photos were, take a mental picture and use it as a “trigger”/reminder in the future that things aren’t always what they seem to be.

As always, have fun, and please share in the comments below your experiences with what comes up for you with these questions and your resultant actions.

And the Answers to Today’s Featured Photos are below the Parent-Tech Coaching Package information. Be sure to scroll down.

Recording and Retaining Memories – particularly the voices of loved ones. |

One of the things I regretted after the passing of my beloved, late-husband Sam is that, despite all my technological knowledge, even five years ago, I never thought to record his voice. So, although I’m blessed to have love notes and photographs, there is still a memory void for me.

I am on a mission that this does not happen for others. Thus my latest post on Technology for Seniors Made Easy, discusses three simple ways to use the phone to create lasting audio memories. Why not conduct some interviews? If you have not already seen the post, please visit Audio Recording.

A creative idea is discussed there that even those of you who already record on conference lines may have never considered.

Senior Parent Tech Coaching

Technology for Seniors Made Easy photo of laptop, iPhone and digital cameraIf You a Have a Parent Who is Driving You Crazy,

often at the most inconvenient times,

with Computer, iPad or Smartphone questions, or your friends do,

please check out my Coaching Package page and consider giving him or her a gift. One-on-one technology coaching might also be a gift to give to yourself.

Today’s Featured Photos –

sunburst fireworksThe top photo is of a burst of fireworks at a July 4th celebration.


fireworks with sunflowers set inside

The lower image is a combination of two photographs. to see enlargements of those below, click on the photos.

palm frond like imagery in fireworks display

sunflower bouquet arrangement centerpiece

The background is of another burst of fireworks that gave off the feeling of palm fronds to me.

The center portion was abstracted out from a flower arrangement on at table at a wedding. The full bouquet has been wanting to come to you for some time to bring cheer.

And, today I was moved to play. Where can you bring added play to your life?

Have fun. And, again, please remember to leave your comments section below.

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