October 2013

Full Moon Rising over the Ocean – October 2013

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 19, 2013

According to published articles, there would be/was a Lunar Eclipse at 7:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Friday night, October 18, 2013.  It was said to be heralding a time of change.  A friend and I went to the ocean shortly before sunset to observe the moon rising. We anticipated also seeing the eclipse to be an hour later on the timeline. [click to continue…]


sunset in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

As part of Living AND Treasuring Your Life Now, I invite you to always pay attention to what lights you up. When you have an “aha” about an experience make note to remember it.

As you read this issue, use it as an opportunity ask yourself, “What in my life DOES light me up?” If the question and introspection is somewhat foreign to you, write down your observations so you can refer to them whenever you feel the need for reenergizing.

For the first several years Picture to Ponder, Treasure Your Life Now’s predecessor, was sparked by the almost constant use of my camera. I had conditioned myself to taking pictures of whatever it was that caught [click to continue…]