May 2013

rose photo enhanced with iPhoto

Do you always feel that it’s necessary to keep moving forward? that it’s important not to look back? Well today’s photos and queries are a demonstration of celebration and appreciation of experiences from the past.

Given Mother’s Day was not that long ago, I’d been thinking about featuring “roses” in this issue of Treasure Your Life Now. They are sometimes known as “symbols of love.” See “Roses and Hugs say ‘I love you.'”

I’d planned to use a couple of roses from a Mother’s Day bouquet I received from one of my sons and his family this year. First, wanting to see what I had shared in the past, I searched for “roses” on this Photography and Transformation Blog. [click to continue…]


little green heron

Throughout the years of publishing Picture to Ponder and Treasure Your Life Now, there’s been the recurring theme of “Being Present in Our Lives” – “present” to the people in it and to our environments.

This includes hearing what is being said, rather than listening to the voices in our head and what we think is being spoken by another person. [click to continue…]