April 2013

shades and shadows over two windows

In life I’m sure you’ve probably experienced that there are always at least two sides or more to every story we tell ourselve. In the process, if open to it, we also become aware of the often varied shades of shadows and light within the experience. [click to continue…]


As I ponder “Treasure Your Life Now”, I am reflecting on the importance of Treasuring the “Past” as well as the “Now”; or finding the pieces of the past we treasure for how they’ve contributed, and continue to contribute, to how we live and what we value today.

Thus, in going back to past issues of Picture to Ponder, I am treasuring what was, leading to the paths I’m on today and the contributions many of the long-time subscribers have acknowledged receiving from the photos and the queries.

This brings us to today’s photos and queries that were featured April 9, 2008. Over the years, I’ve often made it a practice when selecting photos to go with whatever showed up. Today one of my favorite photos appeared, “calling” to be featured. I was surprised, when I did a search, to see that, aside from featuring the photo on pillows, tiles, and boxes, I’d never referenced it again in the ezine or blog.

Today’s Photos

Gerber Daisy Yellow #1 [click to continue…]