November 2012

rock that looks like an egg on rocks in Dreher Park Zoo

Today’s message and photos focus on textures and stories in our lives. “What’s real?” can be considered the question of the day.

When I started looking for feature photos for this issue of Treasure Your Life Now some of my recent bird portrait photos surfaced. Then I began to get caught up in textures in other recent photos taken at the Dreher Park Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL. [click to continue…]


flamingo feathers rear view of flamingo in Dreher Park Zoo, Palm Beach County, FL

This issue of Treasure Your Life Now is dedicated to my beloved husband Sam Finkelstein, who died 5 years ago today on this eve before Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) Sam, a great photographer, was the epitome of love, generosity and gentle, quiet humor.

If you’d like to experience a bit of him and bring a smile to your face, visit two fun photo stories he put together of our sons when they were toddlers. For 22 month old Joe’s story, click on Romantic Joe’s Story It has 11 photos with one-line captions under them. You can then click on Rob the Artist to see him at 18 months old in 6 photos with one-liners. [click to continue…]


flamingo feathers rear view of flamingo in Dreher Park Zoo, Palm Beach County, FL

Closed – Hiding?

The participants in the small writing group in which I participate weekly encouraged me to post my recent response to a quote. Although I’m still not quite sure why, I’ll trust in their knowing. They felt that many readers might relate, having similar doubts and questions.

I was late getting on the call so I picked up on a portion of the quote only. At the end I will provide the full quote and link to the totally different response, beautifully written, by my friend Morgine Jurdan. [click to continue…]


This issue of Treasure Your Life Now brings with it prayers (however they are said), plus love and wishes for peace for people in stress all over the world. This, of course, extends to everyone including all of you who are stress free.

Closer to home, for me, this is going out to all who are suffering in the areas of damage and devastation in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and other coastal and New England states as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Because the areas geographically and familially are close to my roots, I’m finding particularly challenging putting together this issue of Treasure Your Life Now.

Always wanting to “help”, I’m left wordless in the light of what’s happened, been happening. Before the storm hit on Sunday, I was at a Saturday wedding. The ceremony was on the beach in Ocean City, NJ, just south of Atlantic City. During the whole afternoon and evening we experienced one of the most outwardly joyous and loving wedding celebrations I’ve been to. The next day, after family and friends had departed, came the storm. [click to continue…]