August 2012

I am in one of those states of query and mixed emotions. I would expect that you also experience such states at one time or another.

On the one hand I am thrilled and excited. On Tuesday evening, September 11th I will be doing an open phone interview with Jerry Downs, professional photographer, writer and much more. Many of you, I know, already appreciate his awesome photos, his humor, poignant messages and views of the world. I feel privileged on behalf of us all that he accepted my request for an interview. (See BELOW the Queries and Tips for a link to register for the free call AND for the download gift of his book THE PRESENT.) [click to continue…]


As I was reviewing prior Picture to Ponder publications when preparing for today’s issue of Treasure Your Life Now, the following photos popped out. They “asked” to be shared with you.

Before saying anything more, I’ll allow them to wordlessly speak to you. Simply be with the images for a for a moment or two.

pink cactus flower
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cropped photo of a wild iris - mother child in a surreyAre you regularly using your digital camera and/or your camera phone as one of your means of communication with yourself and your loved one(s)?

Are you filled with pride and taking pictures you love, then sharing them on cards, online albums, blog posts, email and/or on your walls?

Or, are you one who sometimes doesn’t even think to use your camera – digital or phone – for communication and taking special pictures? [click to continue…]

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Announcing the re-launching of the Through and From The Lens telecourse: Using Your Camera to See in New and Expanded Ways. Please check out the information after today’s queries and tips.

It’s been a very busy two weeks. More than likely it’s been the same for you. Found in one of last year’s issues of Picture to Ponder, today’s photos are about relaxing. Taking the latter path, I am merely revising and republishing the content. I came across the issue prior to a “Questions on Getting Unstuck” Complimentary Session (see below) with one of our long-time subscribers. When I get a request I usually check to see if the person is a subscriber and if he/she has written any comments in the past

The latter woman, in fact, had. The Lisianthus flowers below are among those she had noted. When I went to the issue, I immediately stopped to “bathe” myself in the simplicity and beauty of the flowers.

I noted that then I had invited you, as I do now, to take some time to simply breathe in the beauty of the images below.

lavender lysianthus buds

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Is your already “knowing the answers”, at least thinking you do, getting in the way of taking action?

Conversely, is the “need to know the answers to certain questions” stopping you from moving forward?

wooe knot in wall - art in structure of a
Are you in Wonder, Query, or Knowing? [click to continue…]