March 2012

This past week “Loyalty and Devotion” one of the tips from “55 Ways to Show Love” has been running around my mind.

Last week, I had walked out on my screened-in patio and once again noticed a bud on a phalaenopsis plant. In my usual pattern, I got excited and watched it for a day or so. Then “taking-it-for-granted” kicked in and I forgot about it until the flower opened. Once again I did notice the plant, along with the second bud, then flower which appeared a few days later.

maranta - prayer plant - and phalaenopsis orchid plant - loyalty and devotion [click to continue…]


As I am transitioning and developing my Love With No Regrets business, I’ve started looking at issues from several years ago to see which photos and Self-Reflecting Queries fit more specifically with relationship issues.

Since so many of our Picture to Ponders do, in fact, in some way deal with relationships, firstly and most importantly with ourselves, I’m anticipating a fun time. It is my intention that you too enjoy the journey.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how much fun I have with reflections, so it’s not surprising that the first issue I went to was this with Miami Reflections.

Miami Window Reflections 1 [click to continue…]


Not to infringe upon your experience of the textures and beauty in the flowers in the featured photos in today’s issue of Picture to Ponder, I’ll get right to them. The “story” follows, along with links to other wetlands Wild Iris photos.

Today’s Photos – Photo Essay

wild iris tissue paper thin in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Tissue paper thin I feel
As the midday sunlight
Shines brightly through me [click to continue…]


It’s been a very busy, interesting and productive week here. I hope it was the same for you.

Sheila Finkelstein reflected in 3 mirrors I spent a lot of time in response to Jan Lundy’s invitation to submit an article for the March Issue of BUDDHA CHICK LIFE, topic: “Celebrating the Feminine”.

My knee jerk response, in my head, was, “Thanks, and that’s doesn’t describe me.”

Paying attention to my reaction, I decided it would be a good thing for me to write about, to work my way through it to see what, if anything, was at the root.

You can see my article by clicking on “Celebrating Owning Ourselves.”

Today’s Photos  are in the form of a short “Photo Essay.” Jan Lundy’s suggestion of an added “Photo Essay” for my article in BUDDHA CHICK LIFE probably was the subconscious catalyst when these photos popped out for me as I was searching my files.

Today’s Photos – Photo Essay [click to continue…]