December 2011

Walking in Green Cay past sunset today I had the sudden thought that it would be a great idea to acknowledge the year’s end with the day’s end in the place from whence so many of our Picture to Ponder photos come.

Thus I grabbed my iPhone and set the video recorder to give me the opportunity to more directly thank you and wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Today’s Photos  are from sunrise, also at Green Cay Wetlands.  [click to continue…]


fruit basket from edible arrangements

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and in the process I remembered that I had totally forgotten to acknowledge Picture to Ponder’s 7th Birthday. The first issue was delivered on December 9, 2004. [click to continue…]

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One of the things that intrigued me the most from my recent trip to San Diego was the contrast in the old and the new, particularly in the architecture. For those of you who know San Diego, we stayed in the heart of the Gaslamp District and had a nice walk daily to the Convention Center.

Thus the mixture  in
Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –
So you don’t feel a barrage on your senses, scroll down slowly, being with each photograph individually.

Melaleuca triee with peeling bark [click to continue…]


Today’s Picture to Ponder post evolves around choices, accepting what is, making things complex or receiving with ease.

Given the abstraction of most of the images, I am including a Nature photo also, for those whom I assume expect to see nature photographs here.

Explanations are below the pictures.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos

melaleuca bark - face profile looking down [click to continue…]


As I was going through some old online albums, I came across this series of Tropical Water Lily photos. Although I am not sure where they were taken, I’m giving credit to the American Orchid Society which, as of Wednesday, 11/30, no longer owns the grounds and gardens in Delray Beach. Thus they will no longer be open to the public. I paid my last visit on Tuesday and was the next-to-last one out before the doors were locked.

If you missed the story of AOS and the significance to me and Picture to Ponder subscribers, see AOS Closing. Among other topics in that issue, I mentioned my first acquaintanceship with the Purple Tropical Water Lily and shared some products on which I used one particular image.

I invite you to to spend time with each Purple Water Lily below to more fully experience each view.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos

purple tropical water llily - open to possibility

Opening to Possibility [click to continue…]

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