April 2011

On her wonderful Art Dog Blog, my friend Rebecca Collins shared a photo of a towel in which she saw a dog (click link to see). After describing her experience, she wrote:

“This post is for my photographer pal Sheila who sees faces in everything she shoots in nature. She enjoys finding all types of faces in wood grain and various textures in her photos. I sort of hope this is just an isolated event and I do not start seeing floppy eared canines in inanimate objects around me.”

So, last week when I saw the Fungus face below, I immediately thought of Becca. Back at her, I’m featuring it in today’s Picture to Ponder, inviting you to spend some time with the stories you might see in, or emotions you might feel from,

Today’s Photos –

Fungus face on tree in RiverWalk in Macon, GA [click to continue…]


In today’s Picture to Ponder, I invite you to take some time and simply breathe in the beauty of the images below.

lavender lysianthus buds [click to continue…]


Long-time Picture to Ponder subscriber, Alison James, responded to last week’s issue with such a “right-on” observation, sharing her own experience, that I asked if I might feature her expressions in this issue.

path - photo by Alison James Photo by Alison James, Guest Writer/Photographer

She wrote: “I ride my bike every morning thru the same piece of Forest preserve/prairie. I try to make it a peaceful time, focusing on what my senses bring me – smell, sight, sound, feel – and not get wrapped up in thinking about work / home / future / past etc. [click to continue…]


The photographs featured in today’s Picture to Ponder were taken near the end of the day in Green Cay Wetlands. Given that “light and shadows” were the subject of the final in-between sessions of the last Through and From The Lens course, the views below caught my attention.

Combined with my moving in a new direction, the following “ponders” occurred.

Today’s Photos and Self-Reflecting Queries combined –

concrete  path in Green Cay Wetlands preserve

As you travel your path, is your focus on the path or on the light in the, perhaps far, distance? [click to continue…]