January 2011

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Today’s Featured Photos

The first view I saw in this series. To see the “Bark-in Dog” and change perspective three times [click to continue…]


Last week, when speaking of the, then, upcoming Through and From The Lens course, I shared some statements by Marifran Korb, Relationship Coach, on the beauty she now sees in her world as a result of participating in the TFTL course.

In a second conversation she had some very interesting things to say about how the camera has become a means for her to “take charge” of her life. At one point, she stated:

“I use the camera for being more at peace with myself and my world. When I use the camera I feel like I’m in charge and sometimes in life you’re not. With the camera you’re choosing what you’re looking for or you are in charge of what you see. . .and how you see it.

For your convenience I have put both audio interviews on a new page with a link to transcripts of what she said in each of those seven-minute interviews. See Marifran’s Words.

Today’s Photo and Story

iphoto of sunlit palm leaves at Green Cay wetlands

Late afternoon sunlit palm leaves in Green Cay Wetlands.

My camera(s) and I went out for a walk with the intent of breaking through the sluggishness I was feeling. Almost the first thing I saw, at the beginning of my walk, were these “spot-lit” leaves, reminding me that there is always some brightness that exists somewhere. I, of course, started taking pictures,
and [click to continue…]


If you’ve looked at the past two posts, you’ve seen the promotion of the upcoming Through and From The Lens course. Part of what is covered in this blog is akin to what Picture to Ponder has been about.

The photography and queries presented is this blog are aimed  toward personal growth and self-improvement, as well as daily inspiration for those who come back to the photographs.

Now, I NEED YOUR HELP. So I don’t continue, second-guessing your wishes, I’d appreciate your feedback on the following:
1 – What did you expect when you visit here? and  2 – How else may I serve you?

Please respond in the comments section below or email me – sheila [at] picturetoponder.com. Thank you so much.

Today’s Photos

locking in

[click to continue…]


Tuesday is the start of my four-week Through and From The Lens telecourse and I want to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity for new ways of celebrating and finding the beauty in your world.

I stated yesterday that, in acknowledgment of all of you experiencing severe winter weather, I would feature one of my beloved, late-husband Sam’s snow photographs. Here is one taken many years ago

snow in Deep Run Old Bridge, NJ

in Deep Run in Old Bridge, NJ. In addition to taking wonderful pictures, Sam also developed and printed all of his black and white photographs. This included mine after he introduced me to the camera.

The photo reminds me of a recent conversation with Marifran Korb, marifrankorb.com. In discussing how Through and From The Lens had altered her life, she states:

“I am now photographing lots and lots of things I never would have photographed before. And even if I don’t have the camera with me every minute I can see these things.

Like shadows on the snow, for instance, that I wouldn’t have paid attention to.   I would have thought, ‘Oh, it’s just ordinary.’ But I now see the designs in some of them and where it’s swirling. The  snow is swirling and then the effect of the light and the shadow on that. [click to continue…]


This coming Tuesday night, for some, and Wednesday morning, for others, is the start of the Through and From The Lens telecourse. So for the next few days, I will be doing an almost daily posting of Picture to Ponder, with photos, to remind you of what’s possible in your world. Let’s make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity for expanded seeing in your world.

Today’s photographs feature “Light on a Neighborhood Walk”.

During the next few days I will be publishing more frequently. I want to make sure that, too, have every opportunity to experience being open to, seeing, and capturing with your cameras the unique, the beautiful and the sometimes not so beautiful – simply because you’ve passed something by without noticing it.

You can start consistent new patterns on your own. And, if you are so drawn, you can experience the power of using your eyes and your camera in new ways with a small group of other like-minded participants in Through and From The Lens.

Today’s Featured Photos

glass block window - single block [click to continue…]


I was still reeling from the wisdom and generosity of sharing that Dewitt Jones treated us all to in my interview with him on Tuesday night when really moving responses started coming in.

Long-time subscriber, and now dear friend, Linda Gipson wrote a beautiful tribute to the powerful response she had to him. I was so moved, I called and asked if I could use her as “guest writer” for today’s issue. I said I would feature one or two of her most favorite sunset photos today, as a tribute to her. Were I to eliminate anything she wrote, I would be depriving you, so I will start here and complete on the blog.

Linda Gipson Massage Therapist, Houston Texas,  Business CardLinda Braun Gipson, a Registered Massage Therapist, in Houston, Texas wrote [my bolding]:

“The first thing Dewitt Jones said that grabbed me was that he tries to approach each subject with “no agenda”. This is exactly what I tell prospective clients when they ask what kind of massage I do. Many are looking for a simple answer, like “Swedish”, which they think tells them something… it doesn’t. Some people get it… most don’t. But I got it last night… this guy speaks my language!

When he went on to discuss “the connection” being the most important aspect of photography… he had me wrapped up and sold. Again, I’ve always told my students that first, you connect with the body.  [For full post – Today’s Photos and Queries and more of what Linda wrote – [click to continue…]


Photo of Donner Lake by Dewitt Jones“Sometimes when we stand in nature, open as the new dawn, Everything seems so simple. Remember that moment, that simplicity….all week long.”

The above image and quote by Dewitt Jones is from one of his weekly “Celebrate What’s Right With The World” series of photographs.

As I’m preparing for my interview with Dewitt tomorrow night (Tuesday, 1/11 at 8:30 PM), I spent the weekend immersed in watching his videos and taking notes beyond those I originally took.

This is a “Don’t Miss” free call! especially, if you have been a appreciating Picture to Ponder for a while, even as long as six years. You will definitely come away with an expanded view on ways of seeing, visually and in all areas of your life, both with a camera and without. You’ll feel the juice in your life. [click to continue…]


Creativity, Focus, Walls in Picture to Ponder – v7-issue1

by Sheila Finkelstein on January 6, 2011

I am ecstatic about the start of my New Year and hope yours is starting off well also. A few times in past issues of Picture to Ponder I’ve mentioned Dewitt Jones, a top National Geographic photographer, keynote speaker and more. Last year, I randomly clicked on a link in one of the ezines to which I subscribe and was treated to his 3-minute JUICE video.

I was super-excited with the uniqueness of the story, Dewitt’s response to the little boy “hero” and the passion for life and photography that was shared. I went on to watch the other four previews of his training videos. They include “Focus Your Vision”, “For the Love of It”, “Everyday Creativity” and “Celebrate What’s Right In Your Life.” If you have been a following the blog posts for a while, you can see from the titles alone what drew me in.

I so resonated with what I heard! Almost everything that Dewitt speaks throughout all the videos, in his philosophy on life, on creativity and being present in our worlds, and so much more, are the underpinnings of what I’ve been a stand for in my years of teaching and now in Picture to Ponder, my courses and my coaching. [For Today’s Photos and rest of the story – [click to continue…]