Wood Pod Circling

In Picture to Ponder, July 22nd, the intertwined wood pod show in photo #1 below was featured.  In the article I wrote about putting it in water and watching it totally open into two flat pieces.  The photographs below document some of the sequence of these two brittle, hard pods closing up again resuming a somewhat cylindrical shape.

I’ve noted the dates and times each of the photographs were taken.

The two wood pods locked together before putting in water

See Blog Post from 7/22/11 for photos of opened pods in water and on counter.

When I saw them starting to curl, I put them back in water, so I could follow the closing up process.  It was totally amazing to watch the curling back process, once out of water and dry! On that day, July 26th, there was a dramatic change every hour that I came back to it.

Toward the end of the process I did place one pod within the other and they soon after became totally connected.  Two days later it was totally impossible to separate them.

The Start – 7/26/11 – 8 AM

7/26/11 – 12:15 PM


1 – 7/26/11 – 1:56 PM

2 – 7/26/11 – 3:10 PM

3- 7/26/11 – 3:17 PM

4 – 7/26/11 5:30 PM

5 – 7/26/11 7:26 PM

6 – 7/27/11  8:59 AM

7/27-11 2:30 PM
7 – Avocado peel and seed with Wood Pod

After finishing eating an avocado, I had the wonder, “What would happen to this skin and stone if I simply let them be.  Would they harden up and, if so, might they reconstitute themselves in water?”

So I started photo/documenting. Placing them again next to the wood pod “sculpture”, I decided I liked the total image and photographed it.

8 – 7/27/11  2:30 PM

The “job” of reconstituting it’s pre-natal position had the pods cracking more than they had been. Feeling bad for something having given my so much pleasure, I rubbed them with body lotion hoping to soften them up a bit.  Furniture polish was not available.

9 – 7/27/11 2:31 PM

10 – 7/29/11 – 10:35 AM

One view of the final, tightly closed state.

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