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by Sheila Finkelstein on July 29, 2011

If you read the last Picture to Ponder post, you’ll most like recall my fascination with the unfolding of two interlocked, wood-like, seed pods that got totally flat after soaking in water.

One of the photos showed the pods starting to curl up. I put them back in water until my grandsons came, so together we could watch changes that might come.

The bottom line end result is that the two pods, with one ultimately placed on top of the other, became intertwined and totally circled back onto themselves into one unit.

The whole process took less than a half a day. I’ve posted the photographs below and seven others on a Pods Circling page for you to see the changes. If you are a writer, there are some interesting images on the latter page that I think would be great for journaling or creative story writing.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

 Wood pod and avocado

wood pods open

wood pod - another view, , with shadows, on a pink table cloth

So, “What’s Next?“, the title I’ve assigned to the top photo here. Given what we’ve experienced here with changes in states in onions, garlic, mushrooms, lemon and more in Picture to Ponder, I decided to see what will happen over time with the avocado shell and pit. Will it harden after shriveling up? Will hydration make a difference?

The photo is the first in the Avocado “What Happens Next” Series. The latter might wind up in many photos or simply a few. With it is the “new” wood pod sculpture with the latest transformation of two pods that had totally flattened out.

The middle photo is showing the two pods at the point where I put one on top of the other to see what would happen in the circling process.

The third photo was taken at 7:40 PM. The pods came out of water at 8:00 AM. Again, see Circling Back to Self page for first photos and more. I’ve included this particular view of the pods on a table cloth, simply because I like the play of colors, shadows and textures on the pod and the background. I also like the unexpected heart shape.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
Last week in the SRQs I invited you, if you felt knotted and tight anywhere, to look at what the “hydration” would be for you to let it go and “straighten” out, if you so choose.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the ultimate “relaxed” shape for these pods evidently is in curling up, back into themselves.

Are you aware of what your most natural and comfortable “shapes”/states are? I invite you to notice the positions of your own body when you are most productive, most relaxed, and more. You call them.

Also, I invite you to select something in which you can detect changes over a short period of time. Perhaps you’ll choose a flower, observing the different stages it goes through from bud, to full bloom, then completion. Or you could watch an object or location and changes it goes through in the course of the day as the light shifts.

As you do this, notice what parts of the process most excite you. Is there anything you can take from this, then, that you can apply to other areas of your life?

As always, have fun, and please share in the COMMENTS below what comes up for you.

If you have been anywhere near as intrigued as I with the wood pods processes over the last week, I would definitely appreciate hearing from you on the blog or reply directly to me from this email.

There were some interesting comments last week. I invite you to check them out also

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Hugo December 12, 2015 at 1:51 pm

I began journaling when I was a young girl. Being the furoth child of 5, it was an outlet for me to express my thoughts and feelings without being made fun of or told I was wrong to think that way. I could get all my emotions and thoughts out on paper and not have to carry them in my head. It is very interesting now, to go back and read my journals and see the red flags now, that I saw then, but didn’t realize it. To see prayers answered and to see growth. Sadly, I haven’t kept it up like I should, and do have a desire to get back to it. These little journals would be a good way to get started again.


Sheila Finkelstein December 12, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Thanks, Bonni.


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