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by Sheila Finkelstein on December 13, 2011

One of the things that intrigued me the most from my recent trip to San Diego was the contrast in the old and the new, particularly in the architecture. For those of you who know San Diego, we stayed in the heart of the Gaslamp District and had a nice walk daily to the Convention Center.

Thus the mixture  in
Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –
So you don’t feel a barrage on your senses, scroll down slowly, being with each photograph individually.

Melaleuca triee with peeling bark

window refections in San Diego

rusty wagon

and for the modern

modern skyscraper building reflections in San Diego

Today’s Photos Description and Comments –
I’m not sure why these four photos decided that they were the ones to be featured in today’s Picture to Ponder. Each is very different and they do hold together visually in that the colors and shapes are similar and repeated throughout the four photographs.

On the other hand, when I looked at them again before completing I felt an onslaught on my senses. It’s probably a reflection of what’s going on in general.

If you are one who enjoys finding imagery within my photographs, at least two of the four have one or more faces.

The top photo is another view of the Melaleuca tree, following up on last week’s issue.

The second is from a series I took of reflections of buildings with older architecture. Do you see the faces?

The third is a part of an old iron, rusty wagon that was used as a planter outside one of the shops in Seaport Village.

Again, reflections in the windows in the modern skyscraper near the San Diego Convention Center.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
Were you able to look at each photo individually or did you quickly scroll down through the four. If the latter, did you, too, experience sensory overload?

If “yes”, how did you handle it? Did you go back to view them more slowly or did you rush off? How does the way you experienced the photos reflect on how you handle your ongoing activities and projects, including communication with yourself and others? How often, if at all, do you ignore things altogether, as I did with promoting my products for holiday shopping.

In the mix of the old and the new, nature and man-made, which images did you prefer? Given the rust and effects of Nature over time, the third photo is actually a combination of elements.

As always I invite you to have fun with the photos and queries. Please share in the COMMENTS below your experiences with then and what comes up for you. Also, which photo(s) did you most like and why?

Holiday and Year-Round Nature Art Shopping
The holidays are almost here and I may have done you, and myself, a disservice. There are a wide variety of gifts, featuring my art and photography, available for purchase in a few locations AND I’ve neglected to do any promotion. Should you be one who is unaware of what’s available, my apologies.

If you are still looking for some special gifts, including one that offers healing art and music (Banana Sky DVD), please visit Nature Art Gifts, which links to a variety of pages with gift possibilities, including Gift Certificates.

(Note – The bird in the banner is a feral parrot, first featured in Picture to Ponder,5 1/2 years ago, Volume 2 – Issue 25. )


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