Video inspired by Discovery of Parchment Sounds of Dried Onion Greens

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 7, 2009

About to finally discard the red onion greens photographed and written about here, “Looking at the Old Newly” as Inspired by a Red Onion (on July 2nd), I became attuned to the papery, parchment feel and sound. I dearly wanted to share it with you and I knew a simple photograph could not convey the experience. It then occurred to me that I could see what a video would do.

Of course, once I started with my Flip Mino video recorder, I finally began the process of discovery with Red Onion #5. The latter has been patiently waiting since June for attention, beyond the first photograph.

In the above video, you’ll note also that a drying garlic bulb, cut in July, is also ready to be discarded. Here, too, I am fascinated by the sounds, as well as the rock hard garlic cloves that now easily slip out of their cells.

I conclude the video with the start of peeling Red Onion #5. I’ve uploaded five separate videos of Day 1 of this new “story.” You can see all the uploads of my videos by going to InspirationalSheila. If this doesn’t show you a full list, click on SEE ALL underneath the bottom icon on the right. 
If you wish to view them all, no one longer than two minutes, start with Red Onion #5 – First peeling and Cut. 
The thread that you will find starting to develop is that as we clean whatever “gook” we think is in our lives there is a fresh and shiny interior. Let’s keep this in mind at all times.
If you are not familiar with it, you can get the RED ONION STORY #1 as a PDF download describing the peeling away process of both an onion and ourselves. 

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