Vidalia Vidalia Onion Starts a New Chapter of Transformation and Observing Life

by Sheila Finkelstein on November 4, 2008

Vidalia Onion with spores under skin
Vidalia Onion, purchased on August 23, 2008 – Photographed on October 28, 2008

Vidalia Onion - spores spread - photographed on 11/3/08
A week later – 11/3/08

In the beginning of August I posted my first photograph of a red onion which after the second day became the story, “Peeling Away the Layers of an Onion, Akin to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves.” You can follow the story on this blog, after that first post, or for easier reading, you can click on ONION STORY to subscribe to Picture to Ponder and get the PDF download with the complete photos and text.

The Onion Story continues.
In the middle of August I purchased another red onion and at the same time a Vidalia onion. When the red onion, started showing signs of decay two weeks later, I sliced it, photographed the process and writing and documenting it for the second chapter of the Onion Story.

In the meantime the Vidalia onion sat on a counter top. Since it looked similar to the background, I did not bother photographing it, making the assumption that there was not all that much contrast and it wouldn’t be finishing.

Two months later, as contrasted with two weeks for the red onion, the Vidalia, though still firm, began to show some black, under the outer paper skin. I became interested and realized that there was another story here. I began to hypothesize and observe, the build-up of “disease,” forming underneath a thin outer shell, when left unattended . Thus I took a couple of photos and a week later began the photo-documentation process.

Tomorrow’s post of Picture to Ponder will show the first layer exposed, with the black spores. Not having cut further I have no idea what will become exposed as I go along. It seems, at this point, once I get past the next layer or two the onion will be as solid in the center as it was two months ago. I invite you to follow along with us over the next few days of discovery. And, why not play with an onion or two of your own!



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