Velvet Textures, Memories and Life – Picture to Ponder – v6 – issue 29

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 21, 2010

Textures, life and, I thought, brevity were to be the focus of today’s Picture to Ponder.

I didn’t think I had much to say today; rather I was simply fulfilling on my promise to deliver photos and Self-Reflecting Queries to you weekly.

I was going to opt for “quiet time” – perhaps suggested by the velvety green leaves themselves – and then, as I was writing, I was hit with sensory memories and went on to invite you to share yours.

Please note toward the bottom of today’s issue of Picture to Ponder, I have information on my friend Julie Jordan Scott’s Writing Camp starting tomorrow, Thursday, July 22nd and, for the business builders among you, information on a free MP3 download for finding your “Just Right Clients”.

Today’s Photos

velvet-like leaf of a plant in the AOS Gardens

Velvey leaf from an unidentified plant in the gardens of the American Orchid Society in Delray Beach, FL.

Magenta color flowers from the plant with velvet leaves in the American Orchid Society Gardens

Flowers, presumably, from the same velvety-leafed plant in the AOS Gardens.

Today’s Photos Story
I’m often asked how I see what I see when I take a photograph, what has me take the photos I do. And, my answer is always the same, as I’ve written often written here. I follow my own mantra, “If something catches your eye, no matter what, photograph it.”

Sometimes the images I capture are said to be “great” by others. Perhaps, in part, this is so because usually I strive for well-composed shots with some kind of aesthetic appeal when I publicly share them.

Today’s two photos are featured mainly to exemplify an experience. Friends and I were walking in the AOS gardens when I was immediately drawn in by the spread of leaves below.

velvet like leaves in AOS gardens

They looked like velvet and my fingertips immediately went out to gently check to see if the actual feel matched my visual, sensory tactile interpretation. It did.

Interestingly, after downloading my photos in the computer, I noticed the flowers which I had, evidently, photographed for the color. I have no recollection of them or of having associated with the same plant of which the leaves were a part. And, surprisingly, in retrospect, I did not even look for signage for information on the plant.

The wonder and the power of the experience was all that was necessary for the usually, left-brained me!!!

Self-Reflecting Queries
My first query – Are there places in your life where the experiences are so rich and complete that no words or explanations are necessary?

Then, perhaps, in a totally different conversation, I invite you to explore the “velvet” in your life, past or present. What does “velvet” represent for you? For me, I think it’s luxury and comfort.

Can you recall experiences of velvet fabric in your life? If so, what are the associations that come up for you?

I’m recalling a black, velvet dress I had and memories, I think, of a velvet-like coat. In both cases they would surround me, as does a velvety feeling blanket I have, and provide “comfort”, though the dress was more, “Look at me. I feel elegant.”

Then suddenly I think of velvet sofas and the texture there seems somewhat foreboding, perhaps because of the “don’t sit here unless covered” messages. Ironic, that this should come up since there were, to my recollection,no velvet sofas in my family.

The references above are all to actual tactile experiences, the physcial touch and feel of velvet. In addition to the sight I mentioned at the beginning, you might also think of “velvet” in terms of sounds – voices, tones, music, nature and more.

What else comes up for you when you hear the word, see the image of “velvet?” Please share this with us in the COMMENTS below.

A Writing Prompt
For those who like to write, today’s single leaf photo would be great for a writing prompt. Put yourself in the leaf. Then take a pen or pencil to paper, or fingers to your keyboard, and simply start to write. Describe the sights, sounds, feelings as you explore the color variations, the textures, the spaces.

And, if you’ve accepted the writing prompt invitation, I’d love for you to share your writing in the comments section below OR e-mail it to me and I’d be glad to set up a special web page with the photo and “velvet” responses.

For Business Owners interested in Getting More Clients
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For Writers and People-Who-Want-to-Write
My friend, Julie Jordan Scott, one of my special mentors, is doing her last Virtual Writing Camp for the season – 2 weeks with several meeting times. For those for whom this fits it will be an awesome experience. See Writing Camp. As I have mentioned before in Picture to Ponder, I attribute my freedom to write and be so publicly authentic to the work I’ve done with Julie in the past.

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Barbara July 21, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Velvet brings to mind the singer, long since passed on, Mel Torme. He was known as “The Velvet Fog” during the days of my youth. I admit to having a “serious” crush on him!

The only evening gown my mother was able to afford for me was a velvet, satin, deep wine color with a huge satin bow trailing behind. It had a jacket of rich velvet with tiny buttons covered in velvet.

Velvet has a comforting feel along with sweet memories. I am now 75, still able to visualize a deep green velvet cover on my grandmother’s bed with a crochet spread laid over the top both my mother and my grandmother worked on together when my mother was pregnant for me!

Velvet memories in time…….


Sheila Finkelstein July 21, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Thanks so much for your beautiful share here, Barbara.
“Velvet memories in time…” I LOVE it.


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