Using Video of Rippling Water Reflections for Relieving Stress

by Sheila Finkelstein on December 21, 2010

Responding to comments Marifran Korb made on my last post, I thought I’d post the videos. The one above mirrors the first photo in the latter post.  The one below is from further back.

Interestingly, the first time I responded to the scenes, the water motion had me feel quite calm and relaxed and wishing I had my camera. The second time, when I returned, I had a similar response.  I intentionally videoed zooming in and again further back, intending that I would have a couple of videos I could use for meditation and relaxation.

And, then after downloading and viewing them, I found they were both far from relaxing.  In fact they were almost dizzying. I’m thinking that it’s the difference, number one,  in the zooming in being too close to something to gain a full perspective.  And, even in the second video, though further back in camera focus, the wide open space of what was behind and beside me was missing. It was probably the full environment that provided the grounding for this particular water movement experience to be one of peace.

In the upcoming Through and From the Lens course, each participant gets to experience using photography to discover his or her own balance and ways of shifting  perspective, through practical use of the camera and seeing what others do also.

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