Using Imagination and Wishes for 2011 – Boardwalks, Garlic and Pomegranate

by Sheila Finkelstein on December 30, 2010

garlic on year-at-a-glance calendar 2011Today’s issue of Picture to Ponder brings my wishes for us all to have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, with the riches of love and joy and fulfillment of whatever intentions you may be setting for 2011.

There is also a mixture of seemingly disparate photos and a photo/drawing. Not exactly sure why these choices, I decided to simply go with what showed up for me as I prepared this issue.

These two garlic segments evidently have some special meaning for me. I think this is the third time I am featuring them in Picture to Ponder. Perhaps there is meaning for one of more of you. (If you missed the earlier posts you can catch them by scrolling down the page that comes up for “Garlic” in the search here on this blog)

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Loving the abstraction, I put the image on a year-at-a-glance calendar, purchased it from my Nature Art Gift Shop and now have it in my office positioned so I see it all the time.

I still have the original segments and discovered recently that the garlic continues to produce new imagery, fueling more creative juices. The bulb segment, you’ll see below, started sprouting green shoots. At first I simply photographed the two pieces on black paper. Then, for fun, I decided to photograph them on top of the image on the calendar and then the tile already imprinted with the original photo. (Reflections from my camera bag also got picked up.)

The “why’s” of the other images included today are noted below each of the photos.

garlic segments on abstract calendar

for overall feeling and contrast

garlic segments on a tile

for size perspective – components as altered by time
placed on a 4.25″ ceramic tile with first images

pomagranate half - seeds

for color and brightness in 2011, pomegranate seeds
radiating in all directions and contained by the circle

And, reflecting on past year(s) and the upcoming one:

Cypress Swamp boardwalk in Loxahatchee WetlandsPhoto/Drawing of the “Path to the Future” – Boardwalk in Loxahatchee Preserves in Florida, photographed over 8
years ago, the weekend Sam and I made
the decision to move here.

Boardwalk in Wakodahtachee Wetlands - December 2010

Boardwalk in Wakodahatchee Wetlands, December 2010

The latter two “path” photos seem not to fit AND because they popped out at me as I was browsing for some other photos, I decided to include them for the “practical” among you who are looking at the past year and your path or paths for 2011.

In 2002, my path, as seen in the photo, seemed almost closed in, certainly full of the unknown on what the future would bring.

The subsequent 8 years have been full, including sadness and loss as well as the boundless bright spots and open paths suggested in the last of the photographs here today.

Again, I wish you brightness and joy in 2011.

Self-Reflecting Queries
You most likely have your own year-end and start-the-new rituals and, if you subscribe to a lot of ezines, as I do, I’m sure you’ve received several suggestions. I am not going to add to that here.

I simply invite you to reflect on whatever you wish, past and/or future. You might enjoy our favorite little blue heron reflection to do that

reflected little blue heron

Given the featuring of the pomegranate and the garlic, I also invite you to observe, for the visuals, some of the fruits and vegetables you may be preparing and are most likely eating during these next few days.

What imagery calls to you? If you were to use your imagination what might your subject(s) be telling you?

And, lastly, I invite you to use your camera to take pictures of what it is that is catching your attention in the food.

As always remember to have fun with the pictures and the queries and share in the comments below what comes up for you.

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Deborah Lee December 30, 2010 at 1:45 pm

The garlic bulb on the left reminds me of a swan – or maybe a fetus of some kind. I get the impression of birth and renewal, so appropriate at this time of year. Love the ceramic tile image. Looking forward to what you will come up with for us in 2011!


Sheila Finkelstein December 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Thanks for commenting, Debii. Was it you in one of the earlier posts featuring this image who spoke of it as a “swan”?

And, I love your impression of birth and renewal, linking it to this time of year.

As always, I appreciated your acknowledgment and your anticipation for what may be coming up.


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