Unfurled Banana Petal of Banana Flower offers Possibility

by Sheila Finkelstein on March 12, 2010

Do you ever want to get out in the sunlight and can’t? Do you know others who are stuck inside? BANANA SKY DVD offers the possibility of the experience any time it’s desired.

Below are some testimonials, not on the site, that I sent to Picture to Ponder subscribers thinking they would appreciate them.  Although the video was initially targeted toward caregivers, it reaches beyond. You can feel the excitement and see the universality of the DVD simply by scanning the statements below.

“I just watched Banana Sky and I found it brought tears to my eyes. It felt alive and quite wondrous. Truly life is a miracle.”

Banana Curl cover photo for Banana Sky DVD

Today’s Photo
a combination of an unfurled petal of the banana flower, holding a pool of rain water, superimposed on a photograph of splitting banana plant leaves. In awe of the photo, I created it as the background for the front cover in the disk case.

You can see the art on all sides of the case on the ORDER page.

According to recipients, BANANA SKY is:
“… wonderful. I gave one to a friend and he also liked it. Thanks for a lovely DVD.”

“. . . . a soothing, colorful gem created by two talented artists who embrace life, frame-by-frame! I look forward to future DVD’s.” Roz Davidson, Congressional Honors winner

“… Phenomenal! The Music, the Photography – the Sequencing.”

“… was phenomenally interesting to me… I never knew banana trees were so beautiful!” – Dan Hanneman, The Blockbuster

“… a lovely portrayal of your creative sense of the world and the
music fits it well. I thoroughly enjoy having it play on one computer while working on the other, as they are side by side.” Kay Blevins

“… quick & nourishing way to release stress during a hard day at work, like taking a walk outside! I watch it on my breaks and am rejuvenated!!” – Morgine Jurdan, Animal and Nature Communicator/Coach


“After dinner, [we] put it on our 56″ TV and we sat mesmerized by your unbelievable, fantastic photography. I thought any one of the slides would make the most gorgeous painting!

The coloring is absolutely brilliant, especially when there are no clouds in the sky!!! The music is excellent AND very relaxing…” Dellie Rosen

You can PREVIEW Banana Sky DVD and view a video testimonial, or go directly to the ORDER page.

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