Treasure Your Life Now – Different Perspectives in Relationships and a Passion Flower – v8-19

by Sheila Finkelstein on May 16, 2012

This issue marks the 600 issue of Picture to Ponder ezine!!! It is the second issue with the more pro-active Treasure Your Life Now brand. If you missed it last week, I stated that Treasuring our lives has actually been one of the indirect, unexpressed bottom line premises of Picture to Ponder over these past 8 years. So it seems quite a fitting transition.

One of the most frequent themes relates to the many different perceptions people may have on the same view. There often is no right or wrong, other than one person sometimes being “righteous” about his or her point of view.

As an example, and to stay focused, I’m featuring only photo this week. It popped out for me with its quick, illustrative “story.” This photograph was first featured in Issue 115 published in June 2005.

purple passion flower

a purple passion flower on a vine against a tree in a park behind a Little League baseball field.

At the time I first featured this flower, I wrote, “I thought I’d share this purple passion flower with you as a bright start to the week, especially for all of those who love purple.

Interestingly, as I keep looking at the flower I feel a little disconcerted. In the picture, all the skinny little petals (or whatever they are called) have the look of string, rather than the delicacy of flower.”

[The latter statement is a good example of how even we ourselves can so easily shift in our responses.]

My late-husband, Sam, at first glance thought it was a flower made of wire. Then, when reflecting on the imagery, he decided it was a propellor. Granddaughter Katilyn (age 13 at the time) said it looked like a carousel; then stated that it reminded her of a all the hair on a Chinese dragon. Grandson Ryan, ever practical even then at age 9, said it simply looked like a pretty flower.

When I called the group together one last time, as I was finishing the issue, Sam pointed out the propellor. Ryan definitely agreed and then Kaitlyn noticed the pentagon.

Today’s Relationship Tip – Have Fun Exploring Different Ways of Seeing the Same Thing –
I invite you to spend some time with someone close to you exploring what might be different perceptions for each of you of the same thing.

Do you have an initial, “charged” response to, already preconceived notions as to what he or she will say? If so, I invite you to reflect on where else in your life these “already knowings”, or “excuses,” show up.

Sometimes it’s helpful to find something to which neither party has a particular attachment. If you are at a loss for a subject with which to start, perhaps you’d enjoy using one of your favorite Picture to Ponder photos. Issue from the last 3 years are on the Photography and Transformation blog.

You might even be curious enough to go back to see what photos were featured in the First 100 issues. On that page there is also is a link to those voted as the 12 favorites in the first 100.

Different View Points – ReInvent Your Love
One of the things that comes up in ReInvent Your Love coaching sessions are the very different, and sometimes quite opposite, interests two partners have. I was therefore quite moved by a testimonial I received from Cindy Hively:

Talking with Sheila was an experience of awakening my heart to the relationships in my life, especially with my husband. Her simplistic wisdom allowed me to look through others in my life from their viewpoint and get into their mind’s sight and what brings them joy, makes them happy, why they like what they like.

By wanting more closeness in my relationship with my husband, I learned to be truly interested in what makes him tick. Sheila taught me a great skill of asking questions and being present in moments with him.

Now…I feel like I have a new hobby, I have learned a few interesting facts about my be-loved over the last few weeks and it has indeed brought us closer to one another. Thank you Sheila for this gift!

If you are interested in a 1/2 hour complimentary session with me, you can book one directly on my CALENDAR or go to RYL SESSION for more information.

For Fun – Sources of Our Perceptions
Our view points and behaviors are often framed by past-based, young conversations, often from our parents. A few months ago, after interviewing and photographing Minnie, the 96-year old mother of a friend and neighbor, I spontaneously set up a new site, My Mother Always Told Me, and did nothing with it. Last night, for fun, I decided to put a blog post there.

If you go to the site, you’ll learn what my mother told Sam and me just before we left for our honeymoon. And, you’ll see what Minnie’s mother always told her. I’d love for you to expand on the fun with some of your mother’s “lessons” for life. Add to the comments section there.

This could be also another conversation opener with your partner, or other special person in your life. Again, have fun.

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