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by Sheila Finkelstein on July 13, 2011

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Moving from flowers to wood, water and lines –  I started saying “textures” and realized flowers have textures also. The photos below are in reverse order from the way they were shot. It’s the top image that kept saying it wanted to be the featured one today.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos –

Boardwalk railing at Green Cay Wetlands - Interlocking textures

boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands - reflections, texture and angles

boardwalk at Green Cay - texture and angles

The top photo is of a segment on a vertical plank in the boardwalk railing at Green Cay Wetlands. In addition to the colors and textures, I was drawn in by the seeming break in what had the feeling of separation of interconnecting parts. And as I look more closely at the image as I write, I see two, now obvious, profiles of faces almost kissing.

The middle photo was taken with emphasis on the stark linear patterns . The green color in the posts before they reach their reflections repeat the color in the railing in the top photo.

The empasis in the bottom photo is also line and direction. Being much further back in perspective creates a much more peaceful scene than in either of the other pictures.

Step back. Relax.

Self-Reflecting Queries
In the above series, although I might have been satisfied with featuring the railing photo only, I had the feeling that some might not be satisfied… “not pretty enough”, “Why is she showing this photo?” and more. In an attempt to please, I added other photos that would fit, subject-wise and aesthetically in composition when looking at all the photos together.

What we have is an example of what we often talk about in Picture to Ponder – making assumptions on what other people are thinking, then responding accordingly without ever checking it out.

I invite you to look into your life. Once again, are there areas where you can see you are acting to please others based on your assumptions of what they might be thinking? If so, are you completely satisfied with your actions, no matter what the reality is?

The end result for me today, in relation to today’s photos, is that I’ve really fallen in love with the middle photo. It initially had not shown up as an important one.

The above photos also demonstrate what’s available when moving our focus in and out, shifting points of view.

Is there any shifting of perspectives that would serve you today?

Also, are there any “knotty” situations where stepping way back might bring you relaxation and peace?

As always, have fun, and please share in the comments below what comes up for you.

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