Sunset’s Radiating Possibilities – Picture to Ponder – Vol 4 – Issue 31

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 26, 2008

sunset framed by trees and rooftops

sunset in Boynton Beach framed by palm tree leaves

sunset rays

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
Views of an August Sunset in my Boynton Beach, Florida neighborhood – No description necessary

I invite you to allow your words and being fill the spaces the views may open up for you.

Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
I am moved for this issue to start with the queries, then follow with the story that led into them.

Today I am inviting you to:

1 – look into your life at areas where you “know” the answers and may not be very open to anything more than what you “already know.”

2 – check also to see if there are areas where you are looking through small “windows,” then assuming the rest of the picture is more of the same.

3 – consider – When you find that you have made a mistake, do you spend most of the time, soon after, berating yourself for what you missed, and continue dwelling on the missing? Or, do you quickly lift yourself out of that state and find the pluses and, possibly, miracles in what is?

“How did these questions evolve from today’s photos?” you might be wondering.

Late in the afternoon the other day, our South Florida sky was clear and the clouds were magnificent, light and fluffy. I was certain there was going to be a spectacular sunset. I thought when the time came I’d go to Green Cay Wetlands, five minutes from my home. The broad expanse of sky and different sections of water have provided me, and you in Picture to Ponder, many wonderful sunset views and reflections.

I got involved in other things, forgetting my plans until about 45 minutes before the sun was due to set. At that point, I glanced out my kitchen window with its western exposure. The sky didn’t look very promising. Given I have very high trees and palms in front of a high wall, there is not a very broad view, but what I saw looked overcast with grey, dense clouds. I needed to eat and decided that it was not worth the time and gas to drive over to the Wetlands.

About 15 to 20 minutes before the sun was scheduled to set, as confirmed by information online, I decided to simply walk, with my camera, around my neighborhood. Once outside, and beyond the limits of my house, I saw I had been mistaken.

The sky was beautiful with varied clouds and colors. I proceeded to spend a few minutes debating with myself, “Should I pull the car out of the garage and go to Green Cay for ten minutes?” and more “should I’s”, “shouldn’t I’s.”

I finally decided to stay where I was, forget what I might have missed and “play” with what I had. In addition to the colors and shapes in the sky, I observed that I had far more trees and rooflines available to frame them than I would have had at Green Cay. I began to have fun doing exactly that with my camera.

Then at the very end of the available light, I was treated to the spectacular view of the expanding rays of the dark blues against the brilliance of the pinks and oranges of the clouds and sky. I was reminded of having been told that I would be having choices of several different paths on where I would be moving next in my life, all of them being good.

I wondered, “Would the perspective that we see in the sky in the third photo even have shown up at Green Cay?” It matters not. By being open, I had an amazing experience to cap the evening.

So, again, are there places in your life where you can widen the window out of which you are viewing your circumstances? Are you open to possibilities coming from “not knowing” in addition to those you think you “know?”

As always, have fun and play with these questions.

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Jane Carter August 26, 2008 at 7:06 am

Hi Sheila,
Gee, that is one beautiful sunset! I love the shadow rays.
I miss Florida, I grew up there, lived in Melbourne then moved to Ft. Lauderdale.


Carol Deckert August 26, 2008 at 7:08 am

Hi Sheila,

Thanks once again for sharing your beautiful photography with us. Sunsets and sunrises are the most beautiful things to watch and enjoy.

Your comments today made me really stop and think about how I handle my life. Speed bumps are there for a reason, to slow me down and make me aware of the direction I may be heading. Once clear on that direction, I should keep moving forward instead of staying “stuck” and wondering all about the “what ifs.”

So thank you once again for an enlightening post and your beautiful photos. I hope life is treating you well and you are enjoying each day to its fullest potential.

Happy Netweaving,
Carol Deckert, Netweaving/Networking Coach


Adela Rubio August 26, 2008 at 7:50 am

I loved the explorations and musings in this issue . . . especially cavorting in the ‘not knowing’ piece. Some of my juiciest experiences have come from my willingness to BE in this space, where I am totally off my edge and out of my comfort zone.

I also LOVED the ‘small windows.’ There’s always more on offer than we may initially assume.

Thank you, my friend. The images are, as always, stunning.



Nancy Dault August 26, 2008 at 11:48 am

That was a great story. Truly, those scenes were a gift from the Universe. No way anyone could plan for them or know where to find them. All you could do was be ready, with your skill and desire, to capture and share something wonderful.

As usual, your ideas are synchronizing with mine. I’ve been noticing how what comes is better than what I go looking for. So much more fun to let go of all worry and just take what is offered.


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