Sunsets in Green Cay – Late August

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 30, 2008

Sunset in Green Cay Wetlands

Reflected Sunset in Green Cay

After the experience of a “missing” sunset, as described below, in Radiating Possibilities in Picture to Ponder, I decided to commit to sunset walking at Green Cay every night this week, other than the one night when I had a business meeting. It was more a matter of acting out of setting an intention and following through than it was about the sunsets. And, of course, I got some interesting sunsets.

The added outcome of this was that I also started playing more with the video feature on my camera, recording birds at sunset and posting them on You Tube. When you visit there, you’ll see a Limpkin at sunset, moorhens – both young and adult, and a white egret and his reflection in moving water. Do check out this very short video clips at Inspirational Sheila’s videos on You Tube.

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