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by Sheila Finkelstein on September 7, 2012

two lorikeets from Butterfly World

Today is one of those days when I’m stuck for what to write, along with what photo or photos to share with you for the week.

And, I’ve made a commitment to myself and to you to email one issue of Treasure Your Life Now each week. My statement on this is that there will be one to three inspirational photographs, along with the self-reflecting queries that evolve from them, plus a relationship tip.

Nowhere does it say anything about number of words, so in fulfilling on my commitment, today’s issue brings you one photograph with a minimum number of words.

Today’s Photo
Earlier this week, I came across the above photo of two Lorikeets, taken several years ago at Butterfly World in Pompano Beach, FL.

The colors and imagery have been calling to me all week. Although it’s watermarked with my eteletours URL, that which I used for the first couple of years in Picture to Ponder photos, it has never been featured here.

Self-Reflecting Queries and Relationship Tips
Given you also are human, I suspect that there are times that you too get stuck and stall on taking action.

I invite you to look into your own life. Can you identify such times? If so, is there any kind of pattern? What actions did you take, or not, to move you forward. Even a decision for no action is, in effect, movement.

Are there reminders here that you can note to empower you in the future?

For the Relationship Tip for the week, let’s go back to the photograph of the Lorikeets. The two birds seem to be quite engaged and very attentive to one another. One is talking, the other listening.

Visualizing these two birds, I invite you be equally attentive in the next conversations you have with someone. Remember to sit or stand erect and maintain eye contact as you both talk and LISTEN.

If appropriate, be in close proximity to the other, at the same time honoring the space that both you and the other person might need between you. Some people like physical closeness. Others are not always comfortable with that. Be sensitive to the others’ needs.

As always, have fun and share  your discoveries and practices in the COMMENTS below.

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