Smiling on a Balcony in Sedona, AZ – Picture to Ponder – Vol 4 – Issue 39

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 21, 2008

Scarecrow on balcony in Sedona, AZ

Window reflections in Sedona, AZ

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
a scarecrow on the balcony of a home in an elite residential neighborhood in Sedona, AZ, plus cloud reflections in an upper story window in the same home

The Story
No big story today. I was once again searching through my Arizona photos for possibly one last photo from the trip to share with you.

The above scarecrow brought a smile to my face, and still does every time I look at the photo, so I thought I’d bring him to you, simply in FUN! Also, although I’ve never decorated for holidays, there are many of you in the States whom I’m sure have decorated for Halloween. I, thus, thought the somewhat seasonal image would be enjoyable.

And, putting all that aside, I love the aesthetics of the photo, the play of the natural materials, the wood of the railings, the lines, shapes and textures. Although I know in reality it couldn’t be so, when looking at the photo the walls “feel” like suede to me, another intriguing aspect of the photo for me.

I’ve included the second photo for those who might think something is missing from Picture to Ponder, if there is not a Nature photo in the issue. I figure the “clouds” qualify. Again, I like the lines and contrast though much simpler than those in the balcony photo.

Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
It seems, as I complete writing the last section, that today’s queries move in the direction of fun and also on our taking actions consistent with what we think others expect of us.

Pretty funny, the latter statement; I say I think you expect Nature pictures. I really have no idea what you look for here, other than photographs you think are “good” and to which you relate in some way. Obviously I am laying my judgments on you. I love nature so I think Picture to Ponder “should be” about that.

Today, I invite you to look into your life to see:

1. Are there places in your life right now where you are moving “full steam ahead” to satisfy what you think or “know” someone wants AND you’ve never checked with them?

If you see something here, I invite you to pause, reflect on what it is you are doing, who it is you are attempting to satisfy, and then have a conversation with the other person or persons. Be open to what they might be wanting and check out any interpretations you are adding.

2. Do you pay attention to your smiles? Know what it is that’s FUN for you? If the answers are “yes”, I invite you to have more of them. If “no’, I invite to pause for a moment when you feel a smile coming on, observe it and then take a simple action.

As always, have fun with these queries and this week look for something in your environment that brings a smile to your face!

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Iris October 21, 2008 at 2:58 pm

Haiku Chains of Cumuli

Clouds in the window
captured on the pristine pane
should be floating free.

Did they ask to be
photographed, artificial
stained glass wannabes

caught within the frame–
white wisps on blue ice panels
behind mini blinds?

What criminal act,
what trespass holds cumulus
prisoner like this?

The bars, like magic,
part. A gesture of pardon
from the creator?

Taketh and giveth.
The hand that trips the shutter
edits their way out.

Copyright 2008. Iris Joan Price


Nancy Dault October 22, 2008 at 8:06 am

First, I ADORE those scarecrows. I see them for sale in Walmart and don’t buy one because I really have no room, so any chance I get to just discover one in my environment, I really enjoy it. They bring all sorts of happy thoughts and feelings to mind.

And speaking of expectations,I do that all the time, saying so-and-so wants me to do so-and-so, when it’s really all in my own mind! As for what I expect when I visit here, I expect beauty, to learn, to think, to appreciate, to feel good, to be moved, surprises…

And I’m never disappointed!


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