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by Sheila Finkelstein on September 15, 2012

Kaitlyn on the Computer at Age 3

It seems that I’m on a run of featuring “What brings a smile” photos in Treasure Your Life Now. Last week’s Lorikeets photo still brings a spontaneous smile to my face every time I come across it. This week’s photo of my granddaughter at age 3 does the same.

The picture surfaced as I was assembling photos and content for the page I created to show what’s available for participants in the upcoming Through and From The Lens course. The above photo is there, along with one of Kaitlyn, 15 years later.

I further smile as the “Some things never change” statement flits through my brain. Check out which aspects remaining consistent (Hint: computer and curls, albeit updated.) Many of you might also find interesting my story, with photos, interspersed throughout the above linked, on the revised page.

Moving on to more smiles one of my Nature walks this past week. . .

Today’s Photos (continued) –

Purple Gallinule chick

purple gallinule dances

The first of these three Purple Gallinule photos is one of the baby that caught my eye, and then my smiles, as I watched him play in the water. You can see this 42 second video by clicking on the middle image, or click VIDEO.

The bottom of this series of three is a Purple Gallinule photograph from a few years ago. The legs and feet of this bird always fascinate me, particularly in how they support the bird in walking out to the end of long stems in search for food. Note the size even in the baby.

Self-Reflecting Queries and Relationship Tips
I now invite you to consider your own life, recall some memories of situations or scenes that have brought smiles to your face.

Is there any kind of pattern? Anything you can do to bring these images up for immediate recall when you feel the need for a smile?

Going further, I invite you to be particularly open today, and the next few days, to noticing and noting what, in fact, you do see that has you smile. Then take a moment or two, at least, to enjoy it and then to share it, in some way, with another.

Relationship Tip – People almost always enjoy being greeted by a smile. I invite you to become consciously aware of presenting your own smile to people you pass in your daily travels, in your home, through your workplace, shopping places, wherever you walk.

You might even consider smiling in appreciation, at anything in your environment that gives you pleasure, animate or inanimate.

Remember also to smile at yourSELF when you pass your reflection in a mirror or elsewhere – in a window or even water.

Smiling as a practice is certain to enhance your relationship with yourself as well as others in your life. If you are one who might be uncomfortable with strangers, having a camera with you often helps in “holding your hand.”

As always, have fun and share in the comments below your discoveries and practices.

Starts in Less than 3 Weeks – Through and From The Lens Telecourse – How to Take Great Photos without Being a Camera Wiz

Are you one who thinks you are not creative, that it’s not even possible for you to be so?

Might you be one who thinks you can’t take good pictures? If your first response is “Yes” – What if you were wrong?

And, What if you could have fun learning you were wrong?

Through and From The Lens, a four-week program offers the opportunity to find your inner artist and explode your creativity, while taking pictures you will be proud to share with your friends and family, on your walls and in Social Media, if you participate – including on your blogs, if you have.

There are both day and evening sessions available.

For details, bonuses, registration information and to see some of the photographs of past participants go to Telecourse.

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Cindy Hively September 15, 2012 at 9:56 pm

I really appreciate the invitation to smile. Your grandaughter is precious and I know you are a proud grandma! This reminded me of the day my daughter was born 23 years ago and I was definately wearing big smiles. I made a list of smile thoughts and I thought I would finish quickly. I had many pages and finally told myself, to continue the list later. I was finding so many gifts to smile about. Thank you again Sheila for a beautiful invitation to look deep in our hearts for the gifts of life that bring smiles to each day!


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